Chicago Artist Amanda Williams Drew on a Lifetime of Inspiration To Create Her Signature Color(Ed) Theory, but Her Activity Since Suggests She Has Much More to Say on the Ideas that Fueled its Creation

Color. Space. Race.

For many, the infinite ways that these three elements intersect — from where we live to the items we purchase to how we interact with one another — either goes largely unnoticed or, if one does stop to consider the sum effects of such dynamics, seems almost too complex to take on. But these are exactly the sort of questions that Chicago artist Amanda Williams has been asking — and answering — her entire life.

Color Me Happy

How do you find, communicate and deliver the exact color you want?

I travel over 200 days a year and spend plenty of time camped out in hotel rooms, lobbies, airport lounges and restaurants planning and presenting talks to designers, printers and paper distributors. I often talk about protocols and standards—measuring attributes in order to achieve and deliver perfection. You can imagine that it’s hard to delight a road warrior like me, but every once in while I discover a place that is enticing enough to make me want to pack my bags and beat a path to their door. And so it is with a newly launched “hotel of colors” by our friends at Pantone.

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