MomsRising and’s Joan Blades - Video Interview

Changing the Culture of Work
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Video4Good met with Joan Blades of MomsRising and at Commit!Forum 2012.  Blades discusses how her organization, MomsRising, is working to change work culture to make employment more compatible with workers' lives outside of the workplace.

Jennifer Prosek, Prosek Partners - Video Interview

Culture as a Competitive Advantage
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“I think culture is a competitive advantage” said Jennifer Prosek at the COMMIT!Forum in an interview with Video4Good.  Prosek went on to explain, “Culture is at the heart of everything in an organization. Without culture you can’t be successful.”

Tyco International's Paul Fitzhenry - Video Interview

Commitment to Clean Water Access Initiative
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At COMMMIT!Forum 2012, Tyco International's Paul Fitzhenry explained that the biggest challenge with corporate responsibility is identifying programs that are aligned with individual businesses.  

Anna Burger Video Interview

CSR for the Long Term
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Anna Burger believes CSR is worthwhile because of the importance it can have on the long-term health of our society and economy.  

Ms. Burger sat down for an interview with Video4Good at COMMIT!Forum and explained that corporations that consider their communities, workers and environment end up making better decisions. Greed may drive decisions that can increase profits in the short term, but have negative impacts in the long term.  

Charity: Water's Jonna Davis - Video Interview

Collaboration Between NGOs and Corporations
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Jonna Davis of charity:water sat down for an interview with Video4Good at COMMIT!Forum 2012.

Cato Institute's Jim Harper - Video Interview

Thoughts on Internet Freedom
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In a 2012 COMMIT!Forum  interview with Video4Good, the Cato Institute's Jim Harper shared some thoughts about internet freedom.  

Wisconsin Energy Corporation's Gale Klappa - Video Interview

Making CSR an Everyday Effort
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Corporate responsibility programs are a way to enhance organizations, not a drag on the bottom line or a distraction from the core of the business, says Gale Klappa of the Wisconsin Energy Corporation in an interview with Video4Good at the 2012 COMMIT!Forum.  

Electronic Frontier Foundation's John Perry Barlow - Video Interview

Corporate Responsibility is an Oxymoron
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Corporate responsibility is an oxymoron, says John Perry Barlow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  

In an interview with Video4Good at Commit!Forum 2012, Barlow expressed other strong opinions. He points out that in an environment where companies are motivated by profits and self interest, the human race is in competition with corporate organisms that have a limited sense of the future.  

DuPont's Camille Aylmer - Video Interview

A Long Corporate History With Sustainability
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Video4Good caught up with DuPont's Camille Aylmer at the COMMIT!Forum in New York.  In this video, Aylmer explains the importance of sustainability rankings and how Dupont's position among the Top 10 in the materials sector has emerged from a long corporate history with sustainability.  

Safe Water Network's Hew Crooks - Video Interview

Moving Beyond Metrics
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In this  interview with Video4Good, Hew Crooks of Safe Water Network says that corporate responsibility has migrated from outside the core of businesses to assume a vital role in many organizations.  


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