Baseball is Back: Here Are Three Quality of LifeHacks from the Baseball Field

By: Quality of Lifehacks

As April rolls in, baseball is getting into in full swing. Whether you enjoy casually watching your favorite teams on the big screen, or you just go to the games for the food and fun, there are several business lessons you can learn from America’s favorite pastime.  Like business, baseball is a game of strategy and planning. In a single inning anything can happen, and each play comes with an element of unpredictability. So how do teams and coaches make informed decisions? And what can you learn from their strategies? Here are three business lessons you can learn from baseball.

Compliance in 2017 - What Are Your Peers Saying?

87% of vendor data contains errors. This staggering statistic is one of the biggest reasons companies run into common compliance deficiencies like bad customer relationships and even monetary penalties.

To Learn more about the State of Compliance report referenced in this article, click here.


To Learn more about the State of Compliance report referenced in this article, click here.

Spoiler Alert: Consumers Still Prefer Paper Communications

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January 31, 2017 /3BL Media/ - Advances in technology and increasing environmental awareness are spurring more companies to go paperless with their communications. Whether it’s billing or information sharing, businesses view — and often promote — paper-free outreach as a more sustainable option.

3 Quality of Lifehacks to be a Good Listener

By: Quality of Lifehacks

Hello Out There. Is Anyone Listening?

In today’s constantly connected, multitasking world, listening is more important than ever. Unfortunately, it’s fallen to the bottom of our priority list.

Listening is where meaningful communication and relationships start. In business, listening is especially important. It’s how you build trust, manage disagreements, inspire your people and enhance commitment. At Sodexo, one of our core values is team spirit. Listening is fundamental to developing and nurturing successful teams.

James Brown and the Super Bad Stakeholder Engagement

Bridge-building lessons from the Godfather of Soul

James Brown’s life was as dynamic and complex as his music. He was a powerhouse entertainer, a troubled soul and abuser, and the Gepetto to funk’s Pinocchio.

He was also a pioneer of stakeholder engagement.

New Issue of Art Therapy Today Highlights Art Therapy as a Way to Promote Communication for Individuals with Dementia


Art Therapy Today provides readers with the most up-to-date information about The American Art Therapy Association's (AATA) activities, current news related to the art therapy profession, and announcements pertaining to events or opportunities provided by the AATA.

365 Days: Embrace the Chaos, Says Khayr Barry of Bloomberg LP


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When we last caught up with Barry, we could barely keep up. Since his start at Bloomberg’s ADSK mid-January, he’s found his strength as an equities specialist, a specialization which he’ll start training for in the next few months.

Digital Citizenship – Let’s Start the Conversation

By: Andrea Brands

Kids are online all the time, but are they using it safely and making smart decisions? Nearly 80% of children between the ages of 0 and 5 use the Internet on at least a weekly basis in the United States. Steering children down a safe path can be challenging, particularly if you are of a “certain age.” What are us digital non-natives to do?


A SMARTer Revolution: How Tech Solutions Can Tackle 21st Century Challenges

By: Tim Fleming

Perhaps the most important societal benefit Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can bring to the world is empowerment. This is one of the key messages in a report released today by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). The report, entitled #SMARTer2030: ICT Solutions to 21st Century Challenges, builds upon their previous work and examines the significant positive impact ICT can have on society, the economy and the environment.


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