It's Time to Communicate about Climate Solutions


In the lead up to Climate Week in New York and the climate talks in Paris this fall, there has been an outpouring of compelling graphics and videos illustrating the human causes and eventual dangers of climate change including, “

Shock Top Invests in Start-ups to Fight Drought


As the California drought moves well into its fourth year, individuals, municipalities and companies alike are seeking innovative solutions to water protection.

Red Nose Day Crosses the Pond, Raises Funds Through Humor


While the urgent support needed for many social and environmental issues is no laughing matter, sometimes a dose of humor is just what is needed to motivate people to support important causes.

ElastiGirl and Other Inspirations: Q&A with J&J's Paulette Frank


Prove Your Purpose recently sat down with Paulette Frank, Johnson & Johnson's* vice president of sustainability and Cone's partner for the 2014 Recycling in the Home Survey, to learn more about the company's sustainability commitments, what inspired

Bangladesh Factory Victims Fund: Donating is Responsible, Not Admission of Guilt


Since last year's Bangladesh factory collapse, a number of companies have made efforts to improve factory conditions and address worker well-being, including 

Is a Foundation Right for You?


Ever wondered if a foundation is the right move for your organization? Building off a recent exposé on athete-run foundations, Cone's own Social Impact expert, Erica Kendall, weighs in on why foundations fail and why they may not always be the best fit.

Transforming Valentine's Day into a Global Cause Movement


This week, Anne Fajon, member of Cone’s Sustainable Business Practice, explores how one organization harnessed a holiday once reserved for cards and candy to bring awareness to a major global issue.

The President and CSR


We don’t know (yet) who our President will be for the next four years. Leading up to today’s election there has been a lot of buzz about the positions each candidate holds on various hot-button issues like abortion, clean energy, healthcare, economic development…


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