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Work at the intersection of profit & purpose? Wonder what your peers in the corporate social responsibility space are up to? Crave greater social impact for your company?

If so, you’ll want to attend Engage for Good 2018!

An annual gathering of over 500 corporate social impact professionals from top corporate and nonprofit brands, Engage for Good is a conference about exchanging trends, best practices, and practical execution strategies for building a better world (and your company’s bottom line).

The Realized Worth 2018 CSR Conference Guide


It’s back! Every January Realized Worth shares a guide of the year’s upcoming CSR and employee volunteering conferences – with a few relevant employee engagement and sustainability events included, too. Based on what we’ve seen, it looks like we’re going into this year with even more of a global focus, and a more visible push to strengthen multi-sector partnerships in the name of social good. Big things are in store for 2018! Check out what's going on around the world this year!

Employee Engagement and the Sustainable Development Goals, November 2-3, 2017, at Inside Out

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TORONTO, October 16, 2017 /3BL Media/ - Sue Stephenson, Interim CEO and Executive Committee Vice Chair of IMPACT 2030, will speak to "Why the SDG's are an Opportunity to Engage Employees" at the upcoming Toronto conference Inside Out: A Transformative Approach to Community Investment.

Reflections from the 2017 NEHRA Conference

by Andy Boes

Common Impact had a fantastic time at the 2017 NEHRA Conference! What a fun way to spend a few days: reflecting on employee engagement and talent development with a crowd of talented HR professionals.

We learned a ton while we were there, so we've provided a few key highlights and reflections from the conference:

Next-Generation Blueprints for Reporting, Accounting, Data & New Business Models Unveiled at 4th International Reporting 3.0 Conference  

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The conference hall at KPMG Headquarters in Amsterdam buzzed with excitement at the 4th International Reporting 3.0 Conference, where “positive maverick” experts gathered to outline an ambitious agenda for triggering the emergence of a regenerative and distributive global economy through reporting, accounting, data, and new business models.

Reporting 3.0 Conference Explores Future of Integral Information Systems in Data Blueprint Segment

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May 16, 2017 ​/3BL Media/ - With the 2017 Reporting 3.0 Conference at KPMG Headquarters in Amsterdam just two weeks away (on May 30-31), we take our next step deeper into the Program after last week’s survey of the first segment of the Conference focused on the Reporting Blueprint. This week, we explore the Conference’s second segment, focused on the Data Blueprint.

R3 Conference Segment 2: The Data Blueprint

Reporting 3.0 Announces Final Conference Program

Extraordinary set of “positive maverick” speakers tackle big challenges in sustainability and integrated reporting
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May 10, 2017 /3BL Media/ - When and how will companies be able to say they have achieved bona fide sustainability? What changes do they need to make in assessing context, materiality, and success measurement? How will they know they’re creating net positive value sustainably, across all the capitals, nested within ecological, social and economic systems? And how can corporate leaders best advocate for regenerative multicapitalism and trigger the emergence of a green, inclusive and open economy?

Reporting 3.0 Convenes Working Group Meeting and Virtual Dialogue to Review Reporting and Data Blueprint Exposure Drafts 2.0 in Advance of May 30-31 Conference

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Last week, Reporting 3.0 convened a second Working Group Meeting to review the Exposure Draft 2.0 versions of the Reporting Blueprint and Data Blueprint. Paul Hurks of the Dutch Federation of Accountants (NBA) graciously hosted the gathering at the NBA meeting space in Amsterdam. During the two days, Working Group members provided constructive feedback on the Exposure Drafts, focusing particularly on the Recommendations.

Inogen Worldview Conference 2017

A Food & Beverage Revolution is Upon Us. Are You Ready?

Antea Group is excited to host a future look at what food & beverage industry leaders should be thinking about and planning for today to prepare them for what’s next in terms of environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) impacts to business.

Join us along with esteemed keynotes and our Inogen Environmental Alliance partners for a thought-provoking day of discussion around how innovation and technology are shaping EHS&S management. 

3 Reasons That United Ways and Their Corporate Partners Benefit Each Other


With a little over a week to go until the annual United Way Fundraising for Impact Summit, it’s a great time to revisit the importance of United Way organizations and the difference they make in communities around the world. United Way organizations worldwide are focused on improving the lives of impoverished individuals, supporting children and youth, and building stronger connections between citizens.


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