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New Anti-Slavery Law: Combat Supply Chain Slavery and Human Trafficking



United Kingdom: New law to combat supply chain slavery and human trafficking

JD Supra. The United Kingdom recently enacted the Modern Slavery Act 2015, the first law in Europe aimed at eliminating modern slavery and human trafficking from supply chains. 

2015 Conflict Minerals update IV: A Business Case for Reporting

Gain insights on the factors affecting your customer's conflict minerals requests

Join AIAG on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 to gain insights on the factors affecting your customer’s conflict minerals requests. You will hear from GM, Toyota, Ford, Honda, and FCA, suppliers and a leading NGO on key conflict minerals issues.

This three-hour event will provide a greater understanding of the situations that drive the industry’s approaches for conducting conflict minerals reporting requirements.

Speakers include:

Will Conflict Minerals Soon be an All In One Supplier Code of Conduct?


After two years of running through Conflict Minerals Compliance Programs, the regulated community is asking, where do we go from here?  What are the appropriate steps forward to create a more efficient process that will not be heavily scrutinized by regulators and NGOs?  In looking at reporting information for 2013 and 2014, very few Form SDs or Conflict Minerals Reports provide extensive discussion on process, more specifically relating to sustainability and transparency in the supply chain.  Many have focused on response rates, suggesting that the Reasonable Country of Origin (RCOI) rates

From the Source: European Parliament Endorses New Conflict Minerals Compliance Requirements


DOJ breaks its silence in 2015 FCPA enforcement

National Law Review. Last week, the DOJ announced its first corporate enforcement action under the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (“FCPA”) for 2015.

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Conflict Minerals Data Quality Wins Over High Response Rates


As companies take the time to reflect on the effort that they underwent to collect Conflict Minerals information for Reporting Year 2014 and start to consider the efforts required for Reporting Year 2015, one thing that will likely be on their minds is the question of what response rate from my suppliers is acceptable? About 50% of companies that submitted a Form SD and/or a Conflict Minerals Report to the SEC included a response rate as part of their filing.

How Companies Collect Smelter Data Post Conflict Minerals Filings


With the conflict minerals reporting deadline for RY 2014 recently ending, thought leaders in the conflict minerals and supply chain transparency space gathered for the 3rd Marcus Evans Conflict Minerals and Supply Chain Transparency Conference from June 23- 25 in Chicago, Illinois.

From the Source: Ghana, Child Labor Taints Gold Supply Chain


Ghana: Child labor taints gold supply chain

Human Rights Watch. International gold refiners who use gold from Ghana may be benefitting from hazardous child labor in unlicensed mines, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today on the eve of World Day Against Child Labor, June 12, 2015.

The Road to a Comprehensive Conflict Minerals Program in 2015

Perspectives from Multi-Industry Program Leaders

Conflict minerals compliance will become more complex in 2015.


Conflict minerals compliance will become more complex in 2015.

Conflict Minerals Transparency is a Total Supply Chain Effort


Conflict minerals start at the mine site. In the DRC and surrounding countries, rebel groups are running the mine sites, and the profits of the minerals are used to “fund continuing strife that's killed up to 5 million people since 1998, more than any conflict since World War II.”

These mines and exporters are controlled by groups that are profiting from illegal trade actions, then are smuggling these minerals from the DRC to different smelters on a global scale.

From the Source: Responsible Gold Also Means Supporting Livelihoods Of Artisanal Miners


Interpol halts use of FIFA funds for anticorruption program

The New York Times.  Interpol suspended an agreement with FIFA on Friday that had called for the international police agency to receive 20 million euros over 10 years to fight corruption in soccer, citing the American investigations that have ensnared soccer’s world governing body.


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