To the Great IoT Future…and Beyond!

By Amanda Moore, Senior Sustainability Manager, AT&T

2015 spotlighted the IoT journey with the rise of connected cars, homes, and machinery. A smartphone is the remote control to our lives; network connectivity is the link to improving everyday experiences from finding a parking spot to monitoring personal wellness. Where is the IoT journey positioned to travel in 2016? Three main areas of focus include: 

How Connectivity Has Changed the Real Estate Game

by Sachin Shenolikar

The three most important attributes for any property are location, location, location—or, at least, that’s what we’ve heard for the past many decades. But does this hold true in today’s globalized, hyper-connected economy?

Connectivity and Time Efficiency

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Connectivity is changing transportation. Here's how it helps modern drivers better manage their time.

Connectivity and Responsible Driving

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Connectivity is changing transportation. Here's how it helps curb distracted driving.

Vehicle Connectivity Will Transform Transportation As We Know It


Consider this: There are five billion mobile phone users across the globe.

Those users reach for those phones, on average, 150 times per day, with two trillion gigabytes of digital information shared annually.

That’s a lot of data flowing back and forth.

If we can come up with a way to take advantage of this free-flow of information, at GM we believe it could lead to better fuel economy, more efficient driving behavior, and improved vehicle diagnostics in connected vehicles.

Connectivity and the Environment

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Connectivity is changing transportation. Hear how it can help the environment, too.

Connectivity and Safety

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Connectivity is changing transportation. Hear this GM customer talk about how it is improving safety.

Education and The Internet of Everything

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Cisco on YouTube

Imagine a future where education has become embedded into daily life and is no longer associated with only schools, colleges and universities; a time where people can access learning as and when they need to increase their knowledge or skills.

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Machine to Machine Technologies: Breaking the Barriers of a $1 Trillion Industry

Press Release

Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2013 /3BL Media/ – Machine to machine (M2M) communication – whereby sensors and networks allow all the parts of a physical system to communicate directly with each other – will radically change the way we work, live and travel. M2M will allow us to do more with less, but only if the industry can overcome current market barriers, according to an AT&T-sponsored report published today by Carbon War Room.


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