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COP 27 in Egypt: The United States Is Back at the Table

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (11.15.2022)

The Top Stories in ESG this week are about the annual global climate meetings in Egypt – COP 27 (the Conference of Parties), convened by the United Nations. These meetings of about 200 sovereign nation’s leaders and other influentials began in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 (President George H.W. Bush was in his last year in office). The position of the United States has seesawed over the years in terms of exerting leadership or not. The welcome news for 2022 is that the U.S. is back at the table.

Council on Foreign Relations Proposes Agenda: “Renew America” & Strengthen U.S. Global Influence

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (11.01.2022)

The United States of America is “in” the world and “of” the world. Where do we stand on global issues – where should we stand on policies and practices (and what should the U.S. “stand for”)?

As the COP 27 gathering nears (the Conference on Parties / U.N. climate talks), what are the concerns of the citizens of the U.S. – and what are the concerns of citizens of other nations about the U.S.? Most important, what should our top line domestic concerns be so that the U.S. is well positioned to continue to project influence abroad?

Going Green & Still Pumping Oil? The Challenges of Climate Change for Fossil Fuel Producers

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (10.15.2022)

We were thinking the other day about the enormous challenges posed by climate change to our society -- and the resulting challenges of meeting ambitious goals being set by governments, the private sector, and investors to achieve a "net zero economy” by mid-century. That is not far away. And the pumping of millions of gallons of oil every day to meet the insatiable demands of society is not helping.

Watershed Year for Expansion of Corporate ESG Reporting

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (1.10.2022)

Is the SEC moving forward on expanding corporate sustainability disclosure rules, or standing still with no real change to existing rules, or perhaps moving backwards on the initiative to expand ESG information for investors? Any day now we may find out when the proposed Climate Disclosure Rule’s fate is announced. Will that be before or after the mid-terms? Stay Tuned.

Introducing Social REV... The New Secret Weapon for Social Impact Professionals

Press Release

Today is a momentous day for Realized Worth and we are honored to share it with you, the clients, partners, and friends who have made it possible to achieve this milestone. After many, many months (following many, many years) of direct client work, focus groups, interviews, listening sessions, user tests, content creation, platform configurations, and more user tests, we are finally ready to share our creation with the world. Introducing: Social REV!

Trusting Teams To Drive Volunteer Engagement


During the pandemic, employers grappled with “The Great Resignation.” Now they find themselves contending with “Quiet Quitting,” where folks actively disengage from a role when the company doesn’t live up to its end of the engagement contract or when employees have reached their limit and decide to simply do the bare minimum instead of subscribing to “hustle” culture.

Republican State Officials vs. Wall Street Managers on ESG Investing

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (9.15.2022)

The showdown continues: on one side we now see attorney generals in 19 states putting pressure on asset management firms that embrace “sustainable investment” or “ESG” policies that influence the various states’ public employee pension systems. The AGs claim that “an emerging trend of political initiatives [that address climate change] sacrifice their states’ pension plans from accessing “high quality” investments. (Read: the equities and fixed income securities of fossil fuel companies.)

The 1.25% of Employee Volunteers That Will Change Everything (and How To Find Them)


The dirty little secret of corporate volunteering is that your employees are already volunteering…in their own lives, on their own time…but they’re probably not telling YOU about it. It’s unlikely you will ever identify and formally capture all those hours for your corporate employee volunteering statistics – and we’re not suggesting you try.

Invest or Divest in Oil, Gas & Coal Companies? - State & City Pension Plans Are the Battleground

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (09.01.2022)

Consider the influence of the public sector employee retirement systems in the capital markets: the almost 6,000 pension plans (of states, cities, municipalities, etc.) cover about 15 million workers and families and manage about $4.5 trillion in assets of various classes.

RealTalk: The 1.25% of Employee Volunteers That Will Change Everything


Need to scale your employee volunteer program in a meaningful way? Tired of talking to the “usual suspects”? Join this RealTalk discussion on Wednesday, June 7th with Chris Jarvis and Megan Strand to learn how to identify and activate the 1.25% of your employees that will get the right people in the right roles and change everything!

Join us to learn:


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