Panoramic Perspectives: Creating Cross-Sector Communities of Practice

by Lauren Chasanoff

We know communities of practice are an age-old concept, but we are excited to see a growing number of conveners who are bringing cross-sector leaders together to develop their people, improve their performance, and deepen their impact in the community. These groups are made up of practitioners from the public, private and nonprofit sectors, who are actively developing shared resources, best practices, and tools to solve some of society’s toughest challenges.

How to Create the Win-Win Scenario for Employee Volunteer Programs


By Jerome Tennille

As corporate social responsibility (CSR) gains popularity, it’s no surprise that over 60% of companies in the United States have created programs addressing social, environmental and economic challenges in their communities. Recently, philanthropic involvement has evolved beyond just monetary contribution, and now often includes employee engagement.

How (and Why) to Sponsor Your Nonprofit Partner to Attend VM Summit 16


Your company’s volunteer program couldn’t exist without them.

I’m not talking about your employees — although that’s true, too. I’m talking about the nonprofits your employees dedicate their time to.

Nonprofit Insights: A 360-Degree View of Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships - Part II

Multimedia with summary

In September, 2013, VolunteerMatch hosted a webinar that covered the key ingredients for a successful corporate-nonprofit volunteer partnership. The session was so popular, we brought it back for round two! In this special session, we dive in to how nonprofits and businesses can increase both the breadth and depth of these cross-sector relationships. 

Connecting the Corporate Giving Community, Promoting Partnerships

CECP Information Hub Houses Database of Cross-Sector Organizations
Press Release

(3BL Media) New York, NY - September 27, 2012 -The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) today launched a new online platform housing its popular Resource Guide, which provides a searchable and updatable compendium of influential cross-sector organizations involved in corporate societal engagement.  From ADMICAL to

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