Knocking Down Myths: Challenging Unconscious Bias in Chile


Read Scotiabank’s 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report

Because the human brain has to process an incredibly large amount of information, we rely on previous experiences, patterns, and assumptions to efficiently make decisions. Typically, this works to our benefit — such as when we automatically swerve to avoid an obstacle while driving.

Sanofi North America Highlights Commitment to a Healthy Planet In Recognition of Earth Day


One of the cornerstones of Sanofi’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is creating and maintaining a Healthy Planet. Because the environment we live in directly affects our health, Sanofi cares for the planet by reducing our carbon, waste and water footprint. For instance, by 2020, Sanofi is committed to achieve a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions*, and a 25% reduction in water consumption, compared to 2010.

Sustainability Reporting with the GRI Standards

Important step in the transformation to a sustainable economy and world
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What is sustainability reporting and how does the practice benefit organizations and stakeholders? This animation answers these questions and more. Visit the GRI website to download the first global Sustainability Reporting Standards, and make an important contribution towards a more sustainable world.

Sustainable Brands ’17 Detroit - New Metrics


I will be attending the Sustainable Brands conference held in Detroit, MI from May 22nd until May 25th. Since speaking at SB’s inaugural conference in New Orleans in 2007, I have found that what unites the SB community is the gift of seeing ahead and bringing that vision back to our work, clients, and colleagues. While societal actions are shifting to integrate sustainability with business value creation, the pace of change in the next 10 years will be far more rapid than in the previous decade.  

Enhancing the Pre-K Classroom Experience


To enhance early childhood education, PNC recently announced a $5 million initiative with online charity DonorsChoose.org. The program helps pre-K teachers obtain instructionally rich school resources, such as books, art supplies, classroom technology and field trips to child-friendly museums.

Northern Trust Houston Hosts Trivia Night for Young Professionals

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Northern Trust Houston hosted their first ever trivia night for young profes

Inclusion Works — Opportunities for Those with Disabilities


JetBlue’s operations embody much of the change we want to see for people with disabilities. But the road is long, and we can’t do it alone.

Internally, we create job opportunities and promote inclusion through frameworks like the Reaching Blue Heights talent pipeline program, Disability Career Fairs, and Disability Mentoring Day (DMD). Out in the world, we show up and speak out.


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