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Insights Collection Delivers Fresh Summary of 2018 Trends in Corporate Social Investment

Compendium of data, research, and case studies illustrates innovations in private sector’s continuous efforts to solve the world’s most pressing problems
Press Release

NEW YORK, December 20, 2018 /3BL Media/— To capture the sum of the social investments and impact made by businesses around the world, CECP has released the year-end edition of Investing in Society, the industry’s annual report providing a comprehensive look back at the biggest trends and insights that defined the year.

Supply Chain Reporting is Really a Conversation


By Scott Kaufman

This article originally appeared on NAEM's Green Tie blog

With all this talk about big data, supply chain optimization and artificial intelligence, it sometimes seems like we’re passing the torch to the machines once and for all.

Building Sustainability into the American Dream


To catalyze engagement and inspire action throughout an organization, environment, health and safety (EHS), and sustainability leaders must be able to effectively communicate the value of their programs from the shop floor to the C- Suite.

The Role of the Public Relations Professional in Corporate Social Responsibility Communication

Kristie Byrum, Ph.D., APR

Corporate CEOs and governing boards grapple with accurate communication of corporate social responsibility initiatives and increasingly with the role of the public relations executive in CSR communication. Yet, questions arise over who is best positioned to communicate a CSR program and what is the best method of conveying company CSR communications.

Webinar: Harness the Power of Social Media


What is social media today? How does social media connect to your corporate citizenship goals?

Come join this month's webinar on March 4th and learn:

CSR and Social Media: How to Amplify your Communication efforts


What is the key to successfully promoting your CSR efforts on social media? Where is the magic button to gain thousands of likes, RT's, followers, increased brand favorability, and greater stakeholder engagement on social media channels?

Final Days to Enter the 2015 International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival


The deadline is fast approaching for this year’s Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s seventh annual International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival. Entry in the Film Festival provides companies an opportunity to showcase using video as an effective vehicle to communicate CSR initiatives to stakeholders. Click here to learn more and submit your video by the February 27th deadline.

Presenting Corporate Citizenship...


Why do we invite speakers to address audiences for important occasions? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to communicate ideas in print?

If you were going to learn about an important initiative of your firm, would you prefer to receive a memo or to hear the news from a person? Why?

When you prepare a presentation outlining a corporate citizenship effort, how much time do you spend thinking about your delivery? Your voice? Your nonverbal communication? Your language? Your organization? Or do you think mostly about your message – the ideas, the “content”?

Top Tips for your Next Corporate Citizenship Speaking Engagement


It is two hours before I speak to the National Hispanic Corporate Council on how to connect citizenship to corporate communications - and I'm sick to my stomach. There is no need for alarm. I speak in public often, and for better or for worse, this always seems to happen. Apparently, it's just nerves.


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