#DardenDigest: 2013 Citizenship Update


Even as Darden Restaurants faced challenging business conditions in FY2013, our company’s commitment to being a reliable, solutions-oriented corporate citizen remained strong. Indeed, we are more convinced than ever that the investments we make in citizenship today are integral to our continued success tomorrow. That’s because we are operating in a New Era for our industry and for business generally, one characterized by increased expectations among guests, employees and other stakeholders. And one of the areas where we see these heightened expectations is citizenship.

How Hollywood Could Save the Planet


Last week, I came across an interview Woody Allen gave to Esquire magazine for a series entitled “What I’ve Learned.” In it, he talked about his mother’s worldview and the fact that according to her, the world is a horrible, horrible place. That everybody and everything on the planet is going to die, our friends are going to disappear and the earth is going to be consumed by the sun. Her response to this reality was to keep herself incredibly busy. Growing up with this parental role model, Mr.

Darden Digest: Under One Roof


Just over four years ago, the 1,300 men and women who support all our North American restaurants were located in 12 separate buildings spread over a two-mile radius in Orlando, Fla. Collaboration had to occur over the phone, or employees needed to walk or drive from building to building. In 2009, after a three-year planning process, all of Darden’s Restaurant Support Center (RSC) employees moved to a new corporate campus in Orlando, sparking a new era that would lead to greater support for our restaurants and increased face-to-face collaboration.

Volunteer Day 2013: Changing the World


We had a goal: we wanted to get 500 Scripps Networks Interactive employees to participate in our yearly Volunteer Day. But you know we like to give it our all – we had almost 800 (780 to be exact) volunteers giving their time and resources to help Change the World for dozens of organizations across the country and globe!

Darden Digest: Hispanic Heritage Month at Darden is a Family Affair


My name is Gabriel Resendez and I've been with Darden for more than two years as a part of the gift card sales team. Prior to joining Darden, I worked for a financial services company. My wife and I relocated to Orlando from Chicago back in 2005. I was born and raised in Northwest Ohio and am a graduate of The Ohio State University. I am excited to share my story as a part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Historic Theatre Enriches Knoxville Community


Guest blog post by Scripps' Robyn Ulrich, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products, Home Category

Giving Back: Employee Volunteer Day 2012


Nearly 500 Scripps Networks Interactive (SNI) employees wrapped up their week by spending the day giving back to their local communities.  Every year, SNI designates an Employee Volunteer Day to give employees the option to spend the day volunteering with a non-profit cause that speaks to them.

Workforce for Good: Employee Engagement in Sustainability/CSR – Align Sustainability/CSR with Corporate Culture

Workforce for Good Blog Series Part 5

Employee engagement is one of the toughest and often most perplexing elements of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.  Two leading Midwest sustainability/CSR experts, Jocelyn Azada and Matthew Rochte, set out to find just what were companies doing to successfully engage employees in sustainability/CSR.  They share their findings in the whitepaper Workforce for Good™ and in this 3BLmedia series on employee engagement.

Principle 5 of Workforce for Good: Align Sustainability/CSR with Corporate Culture


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