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Curiosity Cube™ Visits State College


A retrofitted shipping container is a new approach in hands-on science classes for local students. The Curiosity Cube is making stops in several Centre County schools this week. Inside the cube three separate learning stations. One is dedicated to DNA, another the Brain Station and the third is a 3d printer. "It's really about sparking curiosity within our future generation of scientists.

What's Possible When Science Isn't Boring?


I often envy what the world looks like through the eyes of a child. Even the simplest things can make a child curious. This inquisitive mindset enables them to get lost in exploration without caring about what needs to get done, because the definition of “need” is different for a child.

“The Kids Love It:” Fun, Interactive Science Laboratory on Wheels Is Touring Milwaukee


MILWAUKEE -- It's a fun and interactive laboratory on wheels that inspires kids to learn about science. Best of all, it's currently touring Milwaukee. The Curiosity Cube is a mobile science lab made out of an old shipping container. It features hands-on science experiments meant to spark interest in STEM amongst kids. The three different interactive activities include a DNA station, a 3D printing station and a station showing how technology is currently being used in science.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards Finalists


A commitment to social responsibility has a lot of power over consumers’ perception of your organization. It’s also important for employer branding, media coverage and a positive reputation in the community. If your organization has taken on a cause worth fighting for, communicating your efforts is vital. This year we’re assessing the work of brands and agencies from around the world in PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

Mobile Science Lab Arrives in Sheboygan, Sparks Kids' Interest in Science


SHEBOYGAN - A bright yellow shipping container turned science lab is sparking kid's curiosity in science. 

Called the "Curiosity Cube," the retrofitted 22-foot by 10-foot shipping container is equipped with the latest technology to provide a learning environment for visitors to become immersed in science.

The cube is an endeavor by MilliporeSigma, a global life science company with a location in Sheboygan Falls, which is bringing the cube across the United States to get youth excited about science and careers in STEM. 

Hands-on Science Ignites Passion in Young Minds

by Victoria L. May, Washington University in St. Louis

There is a growing need for interdisciplinary approaches to address many of the modern challenges to advancing research, innovation and technological development. This creates a call for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education—not just in our classrooms, but also in our economic potential. As careers in STEM grow, we recognize the importance of equipping students with the 21st century skills necessary for them to thrive.

Curiosity Cube Inspires Hands-On STEM Exploration

By Tamara Hudgins, Girlstart

Be brave, creative, and curious: that’s what we say at Girlstart every day. We hope to inspire girls to make this their personal goal, because we believe that these three traits are vital to nurturing tomorrow’s STEM workforce. Everything that we do is designed to foster interest and excitement in STEM studies, majors, and careers. MilliporeSigma—a long-time partner and supporter of our programs—demonstrates this same belief through its science education efforts, aimed at inspiring curiosity in the next generation of scientists.

MilliporeSigma Announces First Stops in National Curiosity Cube™ Tour

Mobile science lab to visit nine locations through June 2017
Press Release

BILLERICA, Mass., April 5, 2017 /3BL Media/ — MilliporeSigma today announced nine stops for the first half of its national, year-long Curiosity Cube™ tour. Built on the company’s successful Curiosity Labs™ program, the Curiosity Cube™—a 22x10-foot, retrofitted shipping container that has been transformed into a mobile science lab—is sparking scientific curiosity through interactive, hands-on science experiments.

Record Crowd at Science Expo Sees Curiosity Cube in World Debut


Hoping to engage more than 300,000 people in a nationwide tour, a German-based biotech Saturday unveiled its Curiosity Cube science lab at Petco Park in one of the nation’s largest science expos.

Petco was the first stop on the 12-month tour of the cube, a hands-on lab housed in a 22-by-10-foot shipping container retrofitted by MilliporeSigma, the North American arm of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

Sparking Curiosity

by Jeffrey Whitford

The world around us is constantly being changed and challenged by advancements in science. Think of how far we’ve come in just the past few years in regard to our access to technology, health care and knowledge. Scientific advancements make the world a more exciting place—they enable us to live a vibrant today, while giving us hope for an even brighter tomorrow.


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