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Path to Driverless Transportation Rolls Through Data Collection, Analytics


Data collection and the processing power needed to support autonomous driving are huge areas of focus for development. Companies are investing heavily in driverless technologies, evidenced by news that Intel Corp. is acquiring Mobileye, an autonomous driving technology leader whose portfolio includes machine learning, road mapping, sensors, and data analytics among other technologies.

Antea Group Case Study: North Dakota Pipeline Release Data Collection and Communication


A North Dakota pipeline released an estimated 21,000 bbls of crude oil. Antea Group was challenged by the client to assemble a team of specialists capable of effectively and efficiently collecting and communicating extent and migration data to key stakeholders. Due to the magnitude of the spill, spatial and environmental data needed to be collected electronically to expedite analysis and visualization. Furthermore, this incident required that laboratory data be managed by Antea Group to expedite analysis.

[Video] Whirlpool's Data Collection Win

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Far too often the process of gathering, sorting, and updating data for individual reports can take so much time there is little left for any value-added activities. Unstructured data seemingly comes from everywhere—spreadsheets sent as attachments with comments threaded through email chains and word processing documents printed and left on desks. 

How do companies tackle this barrage of data for any given reporting cycle and expect to have any time for a thorough analysis of what is being reported?

Workiva Announces Partnership with Urjanet to Automate Big Energy Data Collection

Seamless Product Integration Enables Real‐time Decision‐making to Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce Costs
Press Release

Ames, IA, September 22, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Workiva, which has pioneered a cloud-based and mobile-enabled platform for enterprises to collaboratively compile, report, and analyze critical business data in real time, today announced a strategic partnership with Urjanet, the world’s first provider of automated big energy data, during its annual users conference.

Value of LBG Canada Audit

Isolating Sponsorship and Marketing

The 2014 LBG Canada audit supported several companies in a unique way this year. Enhanced company reporting of expenditure in combination with improved LBG Canada data collection tool (DCT) usability enabled a more finite analysis of ineligible investments.

Workiva Launches Data Collection to Simplify Sustainability Reporting

Press Release

Feb. 10, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Workiva, the leader in business reporting technology for more than 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies, announces the launch of Wdesk Data Collection for sustainability reporting

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