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How Data Visualization Can Accelerate Environmental Progress

By: Aileen Nowlan

The first time I spoke at a conference about air pollution, the venue was right beside a daycare—a well-regarded chain, no doubt with significant waiting lists. But on the outside, the facility was steps from onramps to a bridge and a major highway, where horns blared and buses and trucks idled at the lights.

The pollution around this daycare was invisible, but because there is still so much we don’t know about air pollution, so were many of the risks.

3 Ways to Optimize Your EHS Data

See What You've Been Missing

As consultants, we’re always looking to find the most efficient ways to understand our project site data and maximize our understanding of the conditions and processes in the subsurface. Understanding data begins with quality data management, but it's important to have a streamlined process for providing data in proprietary formats for mapping and visualization software. 

A well-designed management-to-visualization process allows for reduction in the cost of mapping the data, and provides the option to reallocate some of your data-handling budget to analyzing project data.

Need Support for Your EHS Data Management and Visualization?

Antea Group Can Help
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CAVe is Antea Group’s bundled solution of industry-leading software tools for data management and visualization coupled with our consultants’ expertise.  

CAVe stands for:  

Bloomberg GADFLY: The Do-Gooder Premium


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It's hard not to root for people like Deborah Winshel at BlackRock and others who are championing the notion of making the world a better place through what's known as "impact investing."  

The CSR Scoop - 8/05/2015


Common Impact’s IT Associate Consultant, Patricia Vaccaro-Coburn,  is guest writing this week’s SCOOP, with a special focus on how digital technologies create a foundation for cross-sector collaboration and social innovation.

2008-2012: Tracking Adobe's Impact in the Community

Posted by: Michelle Yates, Director of Corporate Responsibility for Adobe; Executive Director of the Adobe Foundation

We recently published Adobe’s Corporate Responsibility Five-Year Data Summary and a new interactive data visualization that highlights the change in some of our key Corporate Responsibility (CR) metrics over the past five years. Our CR programs continue to grow as we expand and define new areas where we can have a positive impact. We’re pleased to share our progress.

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