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Booz Allen Campaign Empowers Sailors to “Keep What You’ve Earned”


Sailors in the U.S. Navy face serious financial and career consequences if they’re caught driving under the influence. A chief who’s served 14 years, whose rank is reduced to first class due to a DUI, could lose $527 a week in base pay alone1. Yet long-standing messages about alcohol abuse weren’t resonating, given an entrenched drinking culture.

Comcast NBCUniversal’s Approach to Bridging the Digital Divide

Dalila Wilson-Scott, Senior Vice President of Community Investment for Comcast NBCUniversal and President of the Comcast and NBCUniversal Foundations

As the internet was making its stunning transition from technological toddler to hard-charging adolescent, two terms came into wide use. Both involved visions of the future.

One was the “information superhighway” and the other was the “digital divide.”

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