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Jacy Good, co-founder of Hang Up and Drive, a campaign that advocates for cell phone-free roads, spoke at a recent industry event attended by AECOM employees during the company’s Safety Week at the end of April. In her recent blog post, Good retells her story and makes the case for banning all forms of cell phone use while driving.

Mike Bloomberg: Five Reasons I'm Going to India

By Michael R. Bloomberg, Fmr. three-term mayor of New York City; Founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg LP

The writer is the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, and former mayor of New York City.

The last time I visited India was shortly before I was elected mayor of New York City in 2001. Now, as India's role on the global stage is rapidly growing, I'm going back. Here's why:

Europe’s Innovators Win at AT&T’s Connected Intersections Challenge

By: Marissa Shorenstein

Across Europe, finding ways to promote entrepreneurship and innovation to create economic growth is a popular topic of conversation. New ideas can also create solutions to problems.

Together for Safer Roads: Private Sector Global Coalition Focused on Reducing Road Traffic Collisions Launched

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev, AIG, AT&T, Chevron, Ericsson, Facebook, IBM, iHeartMedia, PepsiCo, Walmart Found Cross-Sector Initiative Global coalition launched at United Nations aims to combat the 8th leading cause of death worldwide
  • Supports goals of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety

The “Digital Drug” - What Makes You Text & Drive Despite Known Dangers

By: Dr. David Greenfield

Why do some people text and drive, even when they know it’s dangerous?

The answer is dopamine, a neurochemical that we experience as pleasure in the midbrain. I call dopamine a “digital drug” because we get a little squirt of it every time we get positive news from a friend or loved one by text, email or social media. Our brain is conditioned to seek that positive “hit”, leading many of us to check for messages compulsively.

That’s especially problematic – and potentially deadly – when we get a message on our phone while we’re driving.

Are You Compulsive About Texting & Driving? Survey Says...You Could Be


Expert on Tech Addiction Says Issue Cuts Straight to the Brain

AT&T DriveMode® App, Now Available for iPhone, Helps Fight the Temptation

If the ring, beep or buzz of your cell phone triggers an intense urge to respond, and you find yourself reaching for the phone – even when you’re driving – you’re not alone.

Your Tweet, Pledge or App Download Could Save a Life

The Texting & Driving ... It Can Wait campaign was created in 2010 to fight the ever-growing issue of texting behind the wheel.

Since then, we’ve been sharing that message in many ways:

VIDEO: Toyota - Let's Create Safer Roadways

Multimedia with summary

Toyota is working to create safer driving. "Like" this video if you look forward to safer roads ahead.

Find out more at http://www.Toyota.com. Toyota. Let's Go Places.


About Toyota

Staying Safe Behind the Wheel

Drivers urged not to text and drive by Verizon and other partners.

by Elva Lima

Spring is the time of year when temperatures start to rise and thoughts turn to upcoming day trips and summer vacations. In fact, AAA reported that this time last year nearly 35 million Americans were planning Memorial Day road trips to celebrate the unofficial start of the summer.


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