Looking Past Linear: Making Progress Towards Circular Economy Goals

Insights from The Silicon Valley Leadership Group's Energy and Sustainability Summit

Discarded plastic bottles become parts of ink cartridges. Repair can be more sustainable than recycling. China bans the import of certain types of plastic waste. All these talking points were part of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s May 2018 Energy and Sustainability Summit in California.

Antea Group’s Pamela Gordon, who was a panel lead at the summit, blogs about discussions on the necessity of moving from a linear to a circular economy.

Video: A Discussion on Eco-Design Across the Supply Chain


HP, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Antea Group recently filmed a discussion on eco-design across the supply chain at IPC APEX in San Diego. Filmed by SCOOP, the 15-minute panel focused on improving products through eco-design, especially when using different supply-chain models.

Watch the video and learn more about strategies that will foster eco-design.

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Eco-Design: Start Slow or 'Pedal to the Metal'?


The recent announcement that Volvo will make only electrified cars starting in 2019 made Antea Group consultants think about a common client question: “Should we apply eco-design to a niche product to gain traction, or rapidly embed eco-design into all of our product lines?” Read our take on this topic  in our latest blog.

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