5 Ways Companies Can Act on the Latest Dire Climate Warnings



Oh what a week it has been!

Trying to turn away from the political polarization and fracturing civility in this country, I looked elsewhere in the news and found something even worse…dire warnings for our planet.

You’ve Set Your Sustainability Goals. Now What?


I’ve never run a marathon, but I imagine it would be a very praise-worthy experience.

First, you sign up, feeling that initial rush of “wow, I’m actually doing this” adrenaline. That's followed by everyone's favorite part: telling people. You’re instantly flooded with responses like “Good for you!” and “You’re such an inspiration!”. But then, the glory starts to fade and you realize it’s time for the hard work. Months of training, time and dedication (and probably pain) are needed before you can cross the finish line.

EDF+Business Webinar: Beyond a Building: Scaling Energy Efficiency on November 1st at 1pm EDT

A webinar with Daniel Hill, EDF
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Energy efficiency is a proven cost-effective, simple and quick method to reducing energy costs and GHG emissions in a building. But energy efficiency can be a lengthy and resource-constraining process, especially when dealing with a portfolio of buildings or engaging suppliers on energy efficiency.

EDF+Business Webinar: The Potential of Corporate Renewables Procurement on October 25th at 1pm EDT

A webinar with Rachit Kansal, Rocky Mountain Institute.
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A webinar with Rachit Kansal, Rocky Mountain Institute.

Procuring renewable energy has become a proven and popular strategy for corporates in meeting their sustainability goals. However, the corporate procurement market is growing in size and complexity as a variety of companies are engaging with it. What are the procurement options available in the market and how can you leverage them to achieve your goals?

EDF+Business Webinar: Quantifying Scope 3 Emissions & Engaging Suppliers in Energy Reduction, October 18th at 1pm EDT

A webinar with Theresa Eberhardt. EDF
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Establishing an accurate baseline and quantifying scope 3 emissions is a critical step in meeting both supply chain energy reduction goals and partner goals. But it can be challenging to translate that internal goal into supplier action.

EDF+Business Webinar: Setting Targets Based in Science, October 11th at 1pm ET

A webinar with Kealy Herman, WSP
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Hundreds of cities, states and companies have committed to meet the climate targets outlined in the Paris agreement. But in order for these targets to be effective, they must be developed using standardized methods that are “science-based”.

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