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Edison Scholars Program Will Issue $1.2M in Scholarships for STEM Students


High school seniors can now apply for the $40,000 Edison Scholars college scholarships. Edison International is awarding $1.2 million in scholarships to 30 high school seniors to help them follow their dreams in STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) and empower them to change the world. 

Edison Scholar Pursues Passion for Environment in Honor of His Dad

In a surprise announcement, Whitney High School senior Justin Hogenauer receives $40,000 from Edison International to pursue a degree in environmental studies.

By the time Justin Hogenauer was 11 years old, he had already visited all 50 states with his dad, Alan, with whom he shared a passion for traveling, largely in their family car with the license plate “Allofem.”

Students Realize Dreams Through Edison Scholars Program

The $40,000 Edison International scholarships help fuel STEM passion.

Hanford High School senior Keslee Green still can’t believe she’s a 2017 Edison Scholar and the recipient of a $40,000 scholarship.

“I kind of laughed in disbelief. I was like, wait a second, is this right?” she said of opening the Edison International congratulatory letter she received in the mail. “My parents were screaming.” 

From Wildomar to Rosemead, High Schoolers Get an Edison Scholars Surprise

Thirty seniors will receive a $40,000 scholarship each in their pursuit of a STEM degree.

When Promise Agbo, 17, was 6 years old, her father would often take her outside to look at the stars in the sky.

Ten years later, she accepted an internship at NASA where she was able to work on the Mars Mission. Her idea: a hybrid spacecraft that once deployed would break off into a satellite and land rover. Her idea was so good it was presented to the NASA administration.

“I like to explore something that we never knew about,” said Agbo, who hopes to one day work at NASA as a space flight engineer. “Ideas can come to fruition. If you dream a good idea, it can come true.”

A Double Surprise for Scholarship Winners

Classmates Michelle Lyu and Athena Chen, of Diamond Bar High School, recently received $40,000 Edison Scholars awards.

Michelle Lyu thought it was a little weird when she ran into her father in the parking lot of Diamond Bar High School on a school day. It all became apparent later when her father and a group of people the high school senior didn’t know came into her yearbook class to present her with a $40,000 college scholarship.

Edison Scholar Shows Girls Can Be Engineers Too

Jennifer Villacis was recently awarded a $40,000 Edison Scholars award that will help pave her way to USC.

Jennifer Villacis remembers the day when students in her sixth-grade class presented their “what-I-want-to-be” projects. When her turn came, Jennifer said she wanted to be an engineer, a dream her Ecuadorian mother had, but was never able to achieve.

“I saw this guy in the corner of the room say, ‘Oh, girls aren’t good in math. They can’t be engineers,’” she recalled. The other boys all laughed.  

Student Overcomes Family’s Financial Setback to Head to College

A $40,000 Edison Scholars award allows Michaela Edwards to pursue her lifelong interest in the environment.

Michaela Edwards will be the first to tell you she lived an idyllic childhood her first few years growing up on Catalina Island. But the recession in 2008 ended that.

After Her Father’s Stroke, Daughter’s Dream is to Pursue Biomedical Engineering

With the recent news of her $40,000 Edison Scholars award, Irene Tang will soon head to Swarthmore College.

When Irene Tang’s father had a stroke a few years ago, it brought her college plans into focus. She always liked math and science, but her father’s illness, followed by a second stroke, set her on a course to pursue biomedical engineering.

Scholarship is Student’s Ticket to the Ivy League

Attending an expensive private college seemed out of reach for Chandler Brown until he won a $40,000 Edison Scholars award.

Chandler Brown’s goal is to become an environmental engineer so he can create purification systems for countries with little access to clean water.

Surprise Visits Come With $40,000 Edison Scholars Checks

With college admissions just around the corner, 30 Southern California students learn they've earned the coveted scholarship.

For Ruben Santana, it was supposed to be just another day in his Carson High School band class, but this was not just any day. Ruben’s teacher called him to the front of the class and announced he was the recipient of a $40,000 Edison Scholars award to help fund his college education.

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