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How to (Safely) Prank Coworkers Like Jim Halpert


A hilarious blog from Jim Halpert’s desk, encouraging funny but safe pranks on your co-workers, with EHS tips along the way.

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How Global EHS Managers Can Improve the Reliability of Facility Compliance Data


EHS Managers could use a third-party audit or a self-assessment to gauge their organization’s compliance to EHS regulations. The former can be expensive, the latter unreliable.

Antea Group’s solution is EHS FleX! Read our blog to find out why and how you can improve the reliability of your data.

Deciphering Local EHS Paradigms (All Over the World)

With Global EHS Registers And Protocols

In a global company, an EHS manager faces challenges in trying to comply with EHS regulations that are local to each facility location—  lack of input from local experts, different languages laws are presented in, no first-hand experience of the location, or no understanding of cultural nuances.

Practitioner Spotlight--Peter Masson


Antea Group showcases its Oakland-based practitioner, Peter Masson. Peter is experienced in environmental impact assessments, environmental, health, and safety audits, emergency response, industrial hygiene, and more. He is also a writer, having published three works fiction.

Read about Peter’s varied experience and qualifications here.

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How an EHS Consulting Firm Can Provide a Flexible Staffing Model That Drives Compliance & Saves Cash


Whether your organization has facilities locally or globally, managing environment, health, and safety (EHS) compliance is crucial. But you may not have or need full-time resources to do this.

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line, Ask Your EHS&S Consultant These 10 Questions


How do you gauge whether a consulting firm is a match for your needs? What questions do you need to be asking? In the decades of working in EHS and sustainability consulting, Antea Group has been in the hot seat countless times as our clients have done their due diligence.

We share some of the thoughtful questions we’re often asked, and others we believe you can leverage to help make your decision.

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The Risk That Rules Us All: 5 Times Frodo Baggins Illuminated the Daily EHS Struggle


Are you a Hobbit of the  environment, health, and safety profession? Are you the Risk-Bearer—defending your employees and organization against doom and evil incidents?

Antea Group’s blog draws five comparisons between your EHS burden and the burden of Frodo. Learn these lessons here!

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What Truly Drives EHS Compliance in the Tech Sector?


“There’s no doubt among tech company EHS leaders that compliance is an absolute must for running a healthy business,” says Peylina Chu, Antea Group Vice President and Technology Segment leader. But why is EHS compliance so important for companies?

Antea Group's blog discusses how adding business value, mitigating risk, and protecting brand reputation are among some of the powerful considerations that drive EHS compliance in a tech company.

Richard Crowther Appointed Food & Beverage Segment Leader

Press Release

June 18, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Antea Group is pleased to announce that Richard Crowther, Senior Consultant based in Atlanta, has been appointed to lead our Food & Beverage Segment. With over 25 years of engineering and management experience in the utility and beverage industries, Richard specializes in sustainability program planning, energy and water efficiency improvements, EHS compliance, environmental liability management, carbon footprint reduction and large-scale energy management programs including alternative energy project development.

Digital Learning Disruption: What You Need to Know About the Next Phase of eLearning for EHS Training


The traditional workplace has changed. Organizations are leveraging digital technologies to expand their workforce and talent advantage by creating flexible work environments. Millennials are transforming digital learning to make it an important method of teaching and engagement.

What should EHS professionals do to meet their new responsibilities in today’s digital age? Find out in Antea Group’s new blog.


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