U.S. Power Sector Emissions Ticked Back Up in 2021, According to Annual Ceres Benchmarking Report

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Carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. power sector increased by 7% in 2021 over the previous year, as economies around the world reopened following shutdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new benchmark analysis of air emissions of the nation’s 100 largest power producers. In 2020, the industry’s CO2 emissions had dropped a record 10%, its largest one-year decrease in emissions over the report’s 18 editions.

The Calavo Way: Facilities & Operations


Energy and Emissions
At Calavo, our commitment to environmental responsibility includes carefully managing energy use at our facilities. Depending on the type of facility, our approach varies and may include initiatives such as:

Edison International 2021 Sustainability Report: Carbon Footprint


Our GHG emissions inventory covers Edison International, SCE and Edison Energy1. We account for GHG emissions using The Climate Registry’s General Reporting Protocol and the sector-specific reporting protocol for the Electric Power Sector. Edison International's and Edison Energy's emissions are de minimis compared to SCE's emissions.

Booster Can Help As Companies Adapt to the SEC Climate Disclosures Proposal


We’re entering a new age of environmental, social and governance (ESG) stewardship. This past quarter has seen some of the biggest ESG-focused debates yet, which have changed the entire conversation around what it is to be sustainable.

Investing in the Transition to a More Sustainable Economy


by Joe Keefe, President of Impax Asset Management

The coming decades will require an epochal transition from an industrial-age economy where negative long-term environmental and social externalities are ignored to a sustainable economy where future growth is accompanied by dramatically improved environmental and social outcomes. The future of human civilization as well as countless species, and indeed of nature itself, depends on it.

Lenovo Reduces Emissions Footprint With Maersk ECO Delivery

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August 2, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Lenovo, a global technology powerhouse and leader in PC and smart devices, is committing to further reduce its carbon footprint in transportation by partnering with Maersk’s ECO Delivery solutions for ocean freight shipments of its PC, smart devices, and infrastructure products from manufacturing locations in China to Asia Pacific and Europe. Maersk biofuels for ocean transport is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80% versus existing fossil-fuel based fuel.

Essity's Journey to Net Zero: Zero Production Waste


Zero production waste

Essity works actively to turn production waste into a valuable resource with the target to reach zero production waste by 2030.

Essity's Journey to Net Zero: Resource Efficiency


Resource efficiency

The global consumption of resources contributes to a growing scarcity of materials and an increase in emissions. At Essity, we have longstanding experience of working with resource efficiency.

Small streams make great rivers. By nurturing a culture of resource efficiency, we have successfully cut emissions from energy use by 15% between 2016 and 2021. When working toward 2050, we must leave no stone unturned and engage all employees on our journey to net zero.

Joint Venture Advances Cummins' Zero Emissions Solutions Strategy


Global power leader Cummins Inc. took another step on the company’s zero emissions solutions strategy by closing on the acquisition of a 50% equity interest in Momentum Fuel Technologies from Rush Enterprises, Inc.

The joint venture between Rush Enterprises and Cummins will seek to enhance production of near-zero emissions natural gas powertrains by manufacturing Cummins-branded natural gas fuel delivery systems for the commercial vehicle market in North America.

Measuring Success in Energy, Emissions, Water and Waste

At Sappi, we measure our performance to improve our environmental and social responsibility



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