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Aligning Your Volunteer Program With Employee Interests [Webinar]

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Studies show that employees seek out companies that embody socially responsible values and provide an outlet for volunteering. You’ve checked those boxes yet can’t seem to get your employees to participate in your volunteer program.

Where’s the disconnect here?

2017 Canadian Business Excellence Award Winner to Link Design Thinking to Corporate Impact in Community (November 2-3, 2017)

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TORONTO, October 11, 2017 /3BL Media/ - Brock Hart, Founder & CEO of Overlap Associates, and a 2017 Canadian Business Excellence award recipient, will speak to "The Possibilities of Human-Centered Design" at the upcoming Toronto conference Inside Out: A Transformative Approach to Community Investment.

Join Canadian and International Peers in Toronto at Inside Out: A Transformative Approach to Community Investment, November 2-3, 2017

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TORONTO, October 4, 2017 /3BL Media/ - Join Canadian and International peers in Toronto, Canada at Inside Out: A Transformative Approach to Community Investment. Inside Out is a future-looking conference designed to advance the practice of how companies invest in community.

Timberland Encourages Its Customers to Use VolunteerMatch to Give Back


This article originally appeared on SGB Media

Timberland celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Path of Service program by kicking off a season of volunteer events around the globe. The events will reinforce the brand’s commitment to be Earthkeepers by working to protect and restore the outdoors and support the communities where it does business.

Happy Birthday Canada! - Connecting Your Community Investment to the National Celebration


With summer here, people are out celebrating the country's 150th birthday and everything Canadian - from building an online Canadian coat of arms, to planning vacations exploring our National Parks with Parks Canada's 2017 free passes.

Beyond learning how to pronounce "sesquicentennial", there are solid corporate reasons to celebrate Canada's 150th.

How to Make Volunteering Work for All Your Employees [Webinar]


Sam likes to volunteer with his hands. It gives his mind a break from his mentally demanding job. Jasmine prefers to use her specialized coding skills to volunteer. Otherwise, she feels her time volunteering is misspent. And Lena wants an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues she doesn’t see every day, and a chance to chat with the new faces around the office.

Why Employee Volunteering Is About More Than Team-Building


Team-building is a great reason to volunteer. Employees who volunteer together have the opportunity to form closer bonds. At larger companies, a corporate volunteer event might be an employees’ first interaction with a co-worker from a different team or department.

But that’s only part of the equation.

Investing in Employee Experience - Engagement Through Volunteering


While more and more studies are being published that link employee engagement to volunteer experiences, Chris Jarvis of Realized Worth will tell you that too many companies are missing opportunities to truly engage their employees.  Why?  Because they are thinking about


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