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General Motors Contributes to a New Tire Design Research Center, and the Federal Government Sells First-Time Leases for U.S. Offshore Wind Farms - Energy Minute for December 4, 2012

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General Motors is working with research partners to open the new National Tire Research Center next month. The facility uses state-of-the-art tire performance machinery to enable automakers and tire manufacturers to improve fuel efficiency through innovative tire design.

GE Will Supply Equipment for Producing Liquefied Natural Gas to Gas Stations for Trucks, and the Army Evaluates Alternative Energy Solutions in Field Tests - Energy Minute for December 3, 2012

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GE will supply Clean Energy Fuels Corp with new equipment that will produce liquefied natural gas for a network of gas stations for trucks along major U.S. highways. The market for such equipment is expected to grow into a $1 billion market for GE over the next five years. Clean Energy Fuels is the country’s largest manufacturer of natural gas for transportation.

A New Survey Shows that California Consumers Choose Solar Service from Renewable Energy Companies, and General Motors Releases Two New Apps to Help Drivers of Electric Vehicles - Energy Minute for November 29, 2012

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A survey of the 13-highest growth solar cities in California finds that at least three-fourths of the solar residential market has chosen solar service from third-party owned systems over private control and operation. The majority of the state’s small-scale photovoltaic installations are turnkey operations provided by private renewable energy companies. California leads the U.S. in solar installations, with 36 percent of the country’s total capacity of installed panels.

SolarCity Plans an IPO, and Global Investors Call on Governments to Take Action on Climate Change Policy - Energy Minute for November 27, 2012

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An open letter from the world’s largest investors has been sent to governments of the largest economies calling for a new dialogue on climate change policy. The letter asks for clear, consistent and predictable policies to encourage low carbon investment, knowledge sharing between governments, and stronger international agreements.

SCIenergy Chosen as GoingGreen Silicon Valley Global 200 Winner, and Solutia Wins a Product Innovation Award - Energy Minute for November 26, 2012

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SCIenergy, a provider of cloud-based energy management solutions for building owners and operators, has been chose by AlwaysOn as one of the GoingGreen Silicon Valley Global 200 winners. The award signifies leadership among its peers and game-changing technologies that creatively disrupt existing approaches to green technology.

The Center for Resource Solutions Announces That EU Services is 100 Percent Powered by Renewable Energy, and Coal will be Challenged by Sustainable Energy as the Main Fuel for Electricity by 2035 - Energy Minute for November 21, 2012

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The Center for Resource Solutions has announced that EU Services, a direct mail printer and services provider, has joined the Green-e Marketplace. EU has purchased enough certified renewable energy certificates to meet 100 percent of the total annual electricity needs for its printing facility and headquarters. The certificates are verified by Green-e Energy, the leading renewable energy certification in the U.S.

FedEx Tests Liquefied Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles, and Emerson Network Power Finds That Data Center Energy Costs is Top-of-the-List Concern for Data Center Managers - Energy Minute for November 20, 2012

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FedEx is testing Kenworth tractors powered by liquefied natural gas-only engines made by Cummins Westport as a possible alternative to regular gas-fueled vehicles. The two tractors will log 1,000 miles daily to see if the engines can meet the company’s day-to-day operational needs. Natural gas is cheaper than the diesel which powers FedEx’s current fleet of 14,000 trucks.

LG Electronics Exhibits Its Portfolio of Energy Efficient Products for Buildings and Consumers, and Propel Gas Stations Sell Solarzyme’s Biofuel With Algae Additive - Energy Minute for November 19, 2012

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LG Electronics showed off its broad portfolio of energy efficient products for builders and consumers at the GreenBuild International Conference and Expo, held last week in San Francisco. The GreenBuild GreenZone highlighted both residential and classroom green building prototypes, and included LG’s efficient home appliances and electronics with smart energy-saving features. The exhibit also incorporated air conditioning and solar solutions from LG.

New Study Links Corporate Responsibility Disclosures and Political Contributions in California Oil and Gas Companies; Britain’s Nuclear and Renewables Industries Make Joint Appeal to U.K. Government - Energy Minute for November 16, 2012

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Oil and gas companies in California that make frequent corporate responsibility disclosures and high corporate political campaign contributions provide higher shareholder returns, according to a new study released by the UC Davis School of Management. The study complements previous reports showing that compliance with clean air legislation increased the productivity of refining companies in the state.


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