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Ecocentricity Blog: Third Time's the Charm


Sometimes it takes three times to sink in. I’m not sure why. Maybe the number three is magical or something. Maybe it has to do with me being slow to “get it.” Regardless, for a number of things in my life that I really enjoy, it took three encounters before I decided to commit and try them in the first place.

An example, you ask? I give you the iPhone.

I remember hearing about the iPhone around the time of its initial release in 2007. I was dismissive at first. Who would spend that much on a phone?

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Rhett Butler on the Palm Oil Industry

Multimedia with summary

The global expansion of the palm oil industry is one of the largest upheavals in modern agricultural history – and one that many Americans know nothing about. And yet palm oil is now everywhere in this country – in our food, our cosmetics and someday soon maybe even in our gas tanks.

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