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LBG Canada Increases Total Community Footprint by $115M, with Stakeholders


In 2016, stakeholder contributions enabled by LBG Canada companies totalled $115 Million. $54 Million of that total was employee giving!

90% of LBG Canada companies have a matched giving program, typically this involves the company matching dollar-for-dollar a charitable donation made by an employee. Some companies choose to match at a rate of 2:1 for donations made by executives. Matched giving essentially doubles the contribution and conceivably incentivizes charitable behaviour by sending a positive message to employees about the company's commitment to community.

Community Investment in Tough Economic Times


As companies navigate the economic climate, community investment budgets are often impacted. Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Forestry, Retail... the list of companies working through change is endless and ever-changing itself!

Among those that have experienced declines in community investment budgets, companies within LBG Canada demonstrate that a community footprint can be maintained, in partnership with stakeholders.

LBG Canada Trends in Leveraging External Resources (Part II)

Increasing Value to the Community
Multimedia with summary

The attached infographic illustrates LBG Canada company community investment trends specific to the leveraging of external resources. In our last post of this series, we discussed the concept of external resources leveraged (read more here) and the value it offers to an overall community investment portfolio.

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