Fifty-Nine Percent of Americans Now Aware of Fair Trade Certified™ Products

Fair Trade USA and the Natural Marketing Institute reveal new data on consumer attitudes toward Fair Trade; strong support from Millennials and mainstream grocery
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OAKLAND, Calif., February 25, 2016 /3BL Media/ – Fair Trade USA, the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in North America, and the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), an international consulting and research firm specializing in health and sustainability, today released new data indicating that fifty-nine percent of consumers now recognize the Fair Trade Certified™ label.

Coffee Pod Popularity Prompts New Business Approach For Growers, Suppliers


Almost 1300 metres above sea level in the San Ramon region of Costa Rica, coffee farmer Edgar Fernandez bats a sweet lemon down from a tree with a stick and peels it open.

A light mist rolls in over the slumbering volcano his farm perches on as his two dogs weave through coffee trees pregnant with ripe red "cherries" ready to be harvested.

Social Value in Practice: Nespresso Helps Build and Enrich the Lives of South Sudanese Farmers


Nespresso has launched the first coffee to be exported from South Sudan - and the first significant non-oil export - in a bid towards rebuilding the country's economy.

The Nespresso Suluja ti South Sudan coffee forms part of Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program focused on improving sustainability innovation to benefit farmers in developing countries.

How Nespresso gambled on reviving coffee in South Sudan

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The first coffee to be exported from the new country of South Sudan will be available to consumers in the coming weeks. And the story of how Suluja — a bold, silky textured coffee with intense aromas — came to be created is no ordinary one.

Nespresso Launches First Coffee Exported from South Sudan

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PARIS, October 7, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Nespresso announced today the launch of the first ever coffee to be exported from the new country of South Sudan.

Empowering Female Farmers

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VIRGINIA, U.S.A., September 16, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Women play a crucial role in agriculture. Across the world, female farmers are integral to how we make many of our famous Mars products. We are committed to ensuring that we help improve the lives of those female farmers as our supply chains grow. To deliver that commitment, we are involved in projects, which aim to strengthen our supply chain by building stronger communities and empowering women:

Nespresso Plants 200,000 trees in Ethiopia and Guatemala

This agroforestry approach will improve soil fertility and productivity of coffee farms
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A total of 200 000 trees have been planted by Nespresso and partner Pur Projet in Ethiopia and Guatemala since the beginning of the year to benefit over 600 local coffee farmers. This agroforestry initiative, part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program in coffee producing countries, is meant to improve soil fertility and productivity of coffee farms by providing shade for coffee trees and prevent landslides on community land. These new trees will also provide income diversification to farmers through the sales of fruit and timber.

A Fair Deal for Coffee Farmers: Retirement and Succession Planning

With no pension schemes and younger generations turning their backs on the family business, coffee farmers work well into retirement just to keep the money coming in. But change is afoot

The need for a good retirement savings plan would not be the first thing most people would think of as they considered the plight of coffee farmers in remote mountain communities in Colombia, one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality arabica coffee beans.

Growing Hope for South Sudan

Africa’s youngest nation is heavily dependent on oil export and aid, but an ambitious Nespresso project could give the nation’s coffee farmers a way out of poverty

The youngest of the African countries, South Sudan, is having teething problems. The promise of peace and prosperity after 39 years of civil war has been all but dashed. The conflict has displaced 1.5 million people, nearly half of the 11 million population faces hunger and economists are revising growth predictions downwards as instability and falling levels of oil production take their toll on the economy.

Theo Chocolate and Others Aims to End Farmers' Cycle of Poverty

Companies including Nespresso and Timberland are working with local communities in developing countries to build sustainable supply chains

Every chocolate company needs to buy cocoa beans. For Seattle-based Theo Chocolate, sourcing this essential ingredient is not about finding the right vendors – it’s about creating them. This unorthodox approach yields a better quality of chocolate for Theo, and a better quality of life for the cocoa farmers with whom the business works, according to founder and CEO Joe Whinney.


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