Plant Breeding Helps Farmers Have Better Harvests

By Sam Eathington, Monsanto Vice President, Global Plant Breeding

Anyone who has a backyard garden knows that growing food can be challenging. Some years, it’s really dry, and even when you water in the morning and in the evening, your garden still looks thirsty. Other years, an unknown disease or insect sets in—your plants look feeble, and they produce fewer harvestable fruits and vegetables. After all the day-in and day-out work, this outcome is quite discouraging – knowing for all your effort, you’ll probably harvest less, and it likely won’t taste as good.

Business Of Agriculture: Common Hurdles to Success in Succession Planning


By Rick Hermonot and Jon Jaffe

Rick Hermonot and Jon Jaffe are consultants with Farm Credit East, working out of the Dayville office. Rick has been with Farm Credit for 27 years, and Jon has been with the organization for 31 years.

Business Of Agriculture: Transitioning The Farm To The Next Generation


By Karen Macdonald

Farms and ranches are valuable enterprises, both for the food they provide and for the equity accrued over time in their assets: land, equipment, facilities and livestock. With 87 percent of America’s farms and ranches family-owned, these assets are often passed to the next generation. This transition process is rife with operational, financial and interpersonal considerations; a comprehensive succession plan is essential to managing the issues effectively.

Founder of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Invests $10 Million in the Future of Fair Trade

Bob and Christine Stiller Award Unprecedented Challenge Grant to Nonprofit Fair Trade USA
Press Release

Oakland, CA, November 20, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Today Bob Stiller, long-time Fair Trade enthusiast and founder of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (now Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.), and wife Christine Stiller, awarded a monumental $10 million challenge grant to nonprofit organization and leading Fair Trade certifier Fair Trade USA. This investment will help fund three critical work streams aimed at increasing the reach and impact of Fair Trade certification for farmers and workers worldwide.

BAT's Approach to Building Shared Value for Farmers


At BAT, the farmers we work with are crucial to the success of our business and if they do well, we do well – so we make sure this happens by supporting them.

Nicandro Durante, Chief Executive, explains: “The farmers we work with are valued business partners. We want them to feel confident about their future and to be self-sufficient and prosperous.”

Our latest Sustainability Focus Report details our approach across five key areas:

Tobacco Farming: Debating the Future


In recent years, there has been considerable debate about the social, environmental and economic impact of tobacco growing, especially in developing countries and some orgnaisations are calling for tobacco farmers to be encouraged to switch to alternative crops.

As we actively engage with regulators and governments on this issue, we have developed five core principles which we believe can help guide their future policy decision making.

Evidence-based: Driven by market dynamics and based on sound research and scientific evidence

Providing Power and Safe Drinking Water for Rural Communities in Bangladesh


Because of their rural location, many of BAT's upland farmers in Bangladesh haven’t had an electricity supply. Access to clean water for drinking and sanitation can also be a major challenge for them.

Since 2011, BAT Bangladesh has provided over 1,300 solar energy panels that generate electricity for 15 remote villages in tobacco growing areas.
The company also runs a project which has, so far, installed 53 water filtration plants that purify up to 270,000 litres a day, providing much needed clean drinking water in 14 districts.

Fair Trade: Making Life Fair for Farmers


Life isn’t always fair. While not the most optimistic statement, it is certainly true. But what if you could make life fair for more people just by the products you choose? Well, you can.

Chocolate is a Bittersweet Way of Life in Ghana


This should be a prosperous time for Justice Obini, a cocoa farmer in West Africa. With appetite for chocolate at an all-time high – the global demand has risen 13 percent in five years – his cocoa beans are sought after. Yet Obini struggles daily to take care of his farm -- and his family of ten.

Honest® TEA Refreshes Glass-Bottle Line to Enhance Connection to Brand's Heritage & Mission

Switch to Fair Trade Certified Sugar, Addition of 1% for the Planet, New Label Graphics and New Variety on Shelves October 2014
Press Release

September 9, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Honest Tea, the top-selling organic bottled tea in the U.S., is refreshing its glass-bottled tea beverage line to deepen and broaden the brand’s mission and impact.


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