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Adoption-Friendly Employers Make the Dream of Family a Reality for Employees


For more than a decade the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has been ranking our nation’s employers with the top adoption benefits. Families like the Royster’s have been able to adopt because of the commitment from the companies for which they work.

Teaching Trust, the Hardest Part of Foster Care Adoption


Did you know that some children in foster care have been adopted, only to be returned to foster care? It’s what social workers call a disrupted adoption. It’s more than a disruption to the child though. It’s heartbreaking, heart wrenching and they are often left feeling alone, rejected and like they had done something wrong or didn’t deserve a family.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, through its Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Adoption Program focuses on the children who have had a disrupted adoption and might have given up hope of a family of their own.

Foster Care Adoption: When Things Don't Go as Planned


More and more the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption learns that the families who choose foster care adoption are families who already have children in the home or whose children have already grown.

Foster care adoption is often a calling to families who feel they can change the life of a child.

That was the case for the Suttles Family. With four grown children leaving home, the Suttles family decided to adopt an older child from foster care. But like all things in life, this didn’t go quite as planned.

After 900 Days in Foster Care, Little Girl is Finally Home


For nearly 900 days, little Saphina didn’t know if she’d have a forever family. That’s how long she spent in foster care before her last name was officially made “Tetreault.”

Since then she has been thriving with her adoptive family. Her mom and dad dote on her and she has the family she deserves.

There are more than 117,000 children just like Saphina who are in foster care right now and need to be adopted. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, through its Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Adoption Program searches high and low to find the perfect family for each waiting child.

Changing Lives One Child at a Time


Children enter foster care because they are abused and neglected. The children waiting to be adopted deserve our best efforts to find them a family.

Little Wesley waited nearly three years in foster care, but today he and his family are celebrating their future! The Holbrooks adopted Wesley and now he never has to wonder again who will help him with his homework and who will pick him up after school. He will have someone to wave to when he crosses the stage at graduation and his children will have grandparents.

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Names New Chair and Vice Chair

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, January 10, 2018 /3BL Media/ - The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption announced today that Mary Schell,  chief public affairs officer for The Wendy’s Company, has been elected as chair of its board of trustees. Todd Penegor, president and chief executive officer of The Wendy’s Company, has been elected vice chair.

Survey Open! Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Annual Survey of Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces Opens Today

Get your company recognized for your employee benefits.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption wants to recognize your company as a 2018 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace.

For 12 years, the Foundation has surveyed the nation’s employers to determine those that offer the best adoption benefits to families looking to expand through foster care adoption, private infant adoption and international adoption.

Never Too Old for Family, Adoptive Parents Finally Bring Home Their Son at Age 20

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The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption believes you are never too old for family and the Betancourt family is a deep believer in that notion as well.

Their oldest son (whose name they chose to keep private) lived in foster care since he was 13. His siblings were adopted by the Betancourt’s, but he simply wasn’t ready to be adopted. He was told he would always have a family. He aged out of foster care at age 18, but finally two years later he was ready to take the Betancourt last name.

Child Waiting for a Family, Lands Right at Home

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To look at little Jayden lands you’d hardly believe he spent nearly his entire life in foster care. For more than three years he didn’t have the certainty of a forever family. But that has all changed for this little boy. His adoption has been finalized and the Lands family says he is finally home.

Foster care adoption is a long journey, but it’s not expensive. Many people confuse foster care adoption with the other types of adoption like private infant or international, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Foster care adoption is often free or low cost.

Family Grows by ONE on National Adoption Day


It was 615 long days for William. That’s how long he spent in foster care. Unsure of when he’d have a permanent home. Nearly two years of moving, two years of uncertainty, two years of never feeling settled. That all changed this past November when he was finally adopted by the McIntosh family.

William’s family says, “William is such a gift and we are so pleased he is our son.”


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