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After Nine Years in Foster Care, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Finds a Home for Cody.


By the age of 13, Cody had spent 3,372 days in foster care and been placed in eight different foster homes. That’s more than nine years being moved house to hose, not feeling settled and wishing for consistency. It’s hard to not give up hope in a case like this, but EVERYTHING changed for Cody on April 25 when he was adopted!

You Can Help Children in Foster Care

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The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is expanding its work, and as a result, more children are thriving in their adoptive homes. Your support makes this possible! With your help, we can find a forever family for each child in foster care who is waiting to be adopted. #ItsWorthIt Support foster care adoption with your gift today: 

From the First Day, I Didn't Want to Leave Him

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"I knew we were going to face a lot of uphill battles together. But right from that first day, I didn't want to leave him." Dee Marks was no stranger to foster care adoption. She had already adopted her daughter when she was approached by a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter about an 8 year old boy named CJ who has autism.

Helping Us Find Forever

How your gift can help find families for waiting children
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Foster Care Month is coming to an end, but in our line of work, every month is Foster Care Month! For the first time in years, more and more children are being placed in foster care and that means more children in foster care need adoptive homes. Help us find forever. #FosterCareMonth #ItsWorthIt

Consider making a gift that will allow us to find more forever families for children waiting in foster care. You can learn more by clicking here.

Last Day to Apply!

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The 2017 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace survey closes TOMORROW! Don't miss your chance to be featured on this year's Top 100 list! Apply today:


Is Your Company Adoption Friendly? We Want to Hear From You!

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The 2017 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace survey closes next week! Don't miss your chance to be featured on this year's Top 100 list! Apply today:


How Letting Go of Our “Perfect Kids” Led Us Right to Them


This guest blog post is written by Christopher Matos-Rogers, an adoptive father and REALTOR® with PalmerHouse Properties in Atlanta. As a foster care adoption advocate, he supports child-focused organizations such as Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. He and his husband co-founded an adoptive parent support and resource group to connect adoptive families and help those at all stages of the adoption process. You can find their group on Facebook at ADOPT Georgia.

Making Unadoptable Unacceptable

Learn how you can help the 130,000 children living in foster home get adopted
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With more than 130,000 children in foster care who are in need of a permanent, loving home, foster care adoption is as critical as ever. Learn why we believe that unadoptable is unacceptable. #FosterCareMonth

If you’d like to help more children be adopted from foster care, you can make a donation by clicking here.


Welcome Home Kayden!

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Happy one month Adopt-iversary Kayden! We’re so happy you’ve joined your forever family! Kayden will turn three in June, but he has been with his family since he was four months old! We are so happy to see they are a family where he is loved and can shine! #FosterCareAdoption #ItsWorthIt

Foster Care Adoption Grows Family by Five

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The Hemmelgarn family has adopted two sibling groups (five children!) from foster care. They finalized the adoption of their youngest son on April 27. We love when siblings find their forever home together. #ItsWorthIt


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