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Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Recognizes Companies with Best Adoption Leave Benefits


Companies like American Express, Bank of America and Facebook know that to retain top talent, companies have to offer top benefits.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption survey’s the nation’s employers each year in search of those with the best adoption benefits. This includes both financial reimbursements and paid time off.

Foster Care Adoption Myth Busting


Siblings Manny and Tabitha were officially adopted by the Kyle family in 2013 after years of sharing their home. Their mom told us, “We love sharing our story in hopes that more people will consider foster adoption. There are so many myths involved with it - all these kids need is unconditional love.” 

One of the biggest myths of foster care adoption is that it’s expensive. Did you know that adopting from foster care is low cost or in some cases free?

Adoption Benefits Come in All Sizes


The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is excited to announce its 2017 Best Adoption Friendly Workplaces by size.

Each year the Foundation ranks the nation’s employers that offer the best adoption benefits to their employees. The Top 100 list features companies like American Express (#1), Capital One (#2), Facebook (#31 tied), Comcast (#31 tied), Hilton (#61 tied), adidas (#74 tied) and Zappos (#85 tied.)

Siblings Through Adoption, but Connected for Life


Cammie and Michael are 7-year-old twins who were placed in foster care at birth in 2010 and were adopted by their forever family in September of 2011.

They were soon joined by a sister. Desiree is 10 years old and after spending four years in foster care, was adopted into the same family as Cammie and Michael.

Today all three are thriving in their forever family.

American Express, NYU, Comcast, Hilton Top Industry Leaders List for Adoption Benefits


Each year the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption ranks the nation’s employers with the best adoption benefits. The Top 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace List is based first on financial reimbursement for adoption costs and second on paid time off given to families who adopt.

A Full House


The Whittmore’s knew they had more love to give and opened their hearts and home to foster care adoption.

The family added four more girls to the family when they adopted Autumn, Madison, Tayleigh and Devyn. The girls now have two more sisters Tiffany and Taylor, who are the Whittmore’s biological children.

The family says they felt called to foster care adoption and feel blessed to be able to provide a safe, loving home for all of their daughters.

I'm His Mom. I Show Up.


This guest blog post is written by Meryl Phipps, a foster and adoptive mom whose son, Jeremiah, was adopted through the Foundation’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.

American Express ranked #1 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace

Annual list recognizes the top 100 U.S. companies
Press Release

The complete Top 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace list can be viewed here. The Foundation also recognizes employers by size, industry, best leave and foster care benefits. The 2018 survey will open in January.

Learning to Love Again


This guest blog post is written by Josh and Katie Butler. The Butler family has one adopted son, Braxtel,and is in the process of adopting a sibling group of three. They have also provided respite care to foster families on several occasions. Their only biological child, Dewey, passed away when he was 132 days old from complications connected to a genetic disorder.


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