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Does Your Company Offer Adoption Benefits? We Want to Celebrate You!


In just a few days, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption will launch its 2018 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace survey. This survey measures the financial reimbursement given to employees who adopt, paid time off to employees who adopt as well as any benefits given to employees who are foster parents.

The Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace survey encompasses benefits for ALL types of adoptions.

Your Gift Gives Teens in Foster Care the Chance to Succeed

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The first thing Jamie Honerlaw, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter, noticed about De’Andre was his outgoing personality. She knew what kind of family De’Andre wanted — one with a mom and a dad and little siblings – and was determined to find it for him. He’d been in foster care for nearly four years when Jamie introduced him to the Fargasons. She knew their family was the perfect fit for De’Andre.

Today, as an official member of the Fargason family, De’Andre is thriving and has big goals for his future.

Simple Joys Are Not a Given for Children in Foster Care. You Can Change That.


It’s what many of us consider a simple rite of passage.

Getting your driver’s license.

But for teenagers in foster care, it’s not a given. Often times they aren’t in one place long enough to find someone to teach them and if they do get their license, whose car would they drive?

15 year old Dean Hillard is studying for his permit with his dad. Something he wouldn’t be doing if he hadn’t been adopted when he was 9 years old. Dean spent three years in foster care after he was taken from his biological family at age 6.

Your Gift Gives Children the Stability They Deserve


Laverne Moore-Jenkins and her husband Terry have been fostering children for almost 30 years. They have always enjoyed working with teens to help them get the skills they need to transition out of the foster care system as well as provide them a place to visit.

By the time Raychelle joined the Jenkins family at the age of 15, she had lived in 26 homes. She is deaf and developmentally delayed, and had never learned American Sign Language. Working together, they learned. Now they sign to each other, and Raychelle knows hundreds of words. 

Help Us Continue Life-Changing Work


Emily was adopted from foster care when she was just a year old. Today, she is 6 and thriving as a member of her forever family.

Save the Date - Is your Workplace Adoption Friendly?


Just as every child deserves a home, we believe all parents deserve support and time to bond with their children. The 2018 Top 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces survey opens next month! If your employer offers adoption benefits, we want to hear about it. Encourage them to take part in our survey, which will be available beginning January 8:

Brothers Will Grow Together Thanks to Adoption


The foster care adoption process can seem long and unending, but it is always worth it. Isaac and Teague spent nearly 1,400 days in foster care. That’s almost four years!

Today they are home, together and excited to celebrate the holiday season with their forever family. Their mom shared, “It was a long journey with lots of ups and downs but these boys needed us and we needed them.”

You Can Change the Life of a Child in Foster Care

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Siblings Breauna, Renee and Kai were adopted this past May after spending 944 days (Breauna and Renee) and 678 days (Kai) in foster care.

Your Gift Makes "Unadoptable" Unacceptable

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To meet CJ today, you’d never know there was a time when he didn’t speak, that he feared his food would be taken away or that he would use negative behaviors to protect himself. Today, when you meet CJ he will tell you he likes to eat dinner with his family and that he loves his dog. CJ can tell you these things because he was adopted by his mom, Dee. CJ has autism, but Dee never lets that define her son. She showers him with the love that every child deserves and after a while, CJ realized that she wasn’t going to leave, there would always be dinner on the table and he was safe.

Family is Our Recipe


For this guest blog, Foundation staff members interviewed Karen about her foster care adoption journey and her daughter, Monarika, who was adopted through the Foundation’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.


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