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Announcing the 2017 Cone Gen Z CSR Study: How to Speak Z


Gen Z has gotten a bad rap. Yes – their faces may be glued to their smartphones, but don’t mistake that for a disinterest in what’s happening in the world around them. This generation is a force to be reckoned with – using their digital devices to spread social and environmental messages far and wide. But they’re not going it alone – they expect companies to be their partners in change. Companies: it’s time to enlist Gen Z to share your CSR message.

Gen Z Sees Social Media Activity As More Effective Than Community Involvement According to New Research by Cone Communications


More than half (58%) feel that supporting social or environmental issues online is more effective at making a difference than doing something out in their communities

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More than half (58%) feel that supporting social or environmental issues online is more effective at making a difference than doing something out in their communities

Shaping the Future: How Disruptive Innovation is Changing Higher Education

By: Kevin Rettle

The pace of change in higher education is accelerating faster than any time in history. Today, higher education is a global commodity with all the competition and product diversification of any Fortune 500 organization. Mostly steeped in learning constructs hundreds of years old, today’s colleges and universities are subject to stronger political, social, economic, and technology market forces than ever before and are driven by a generation of students that will not accept the status quo.

Hungry for More: Generation Z’s Impact on the Food Industry

By: Jim Jenkins

As a provider of dining options for colleges and universities around the world, it’s our job to monitor what consumer trends are saying about college dining and, more importantly, what students want to eat. It’s evident that Generation Z, the generational cohort younger than millennials, is changing the workplace but many don’t realize that they are also taking the culinary industry by storm — challenging the food preferences of baby boomers and leaning toward a fresher, less-processed food movement.

Bringing Out the Best from Each Generation

By: Suzanne Greenlee

With generation Z poised to enter the workforce and baby boomers beginning to leave it, workplace demographics are changing. To anticipate the shift, companies need to make sure all employees feel valued for their contributions and  encouraged to bring their unique sets of experiences and perspectives to the workplace.

President2President: Next-Gen Campus Housing Built for Living-Learning Communities

By: Barry Telford

A new generation is getting ready to enter the hallowed halls of higher education and in addition to bringing their devices to campus, they will also arrive with a new set of expectations on how they want to live, learn and experience college. This is the first year Generation Z students will be graduating from high school and descending on college and university campuses across the country—in record numbers, in fact—bringing their unique learning styles along with them.

Welcome to Gen Z’s Idea of a Campus Utopia, and One That Keeps Me Up at Night

By: Scott D. Miller, PhD

We’ve heard a lot about what today a college student (and their parents) expects from their institutions.

Frequently at the top of the list is student housing. They want distinctive, comfortable, convenient, attractive student housing—not the traditional dormitory with a bathroom at the end of the hall. They want privacy and amenities, easy proximity to classes and co-curricular activities, up-to-date technology, and in-room dining options. Let’s not forget parking. Some students arrive with more than one vehicle these days.

Imagine America Without Hunger

By: Shondra Jenkins

Actively engaging young people in their community can result in positive and meaningful social change. Learn more about how to engage young people by reading Six Steps to Engage Millennials in Social Change and utilizing the complimentary Youth Engagement Toolkit. 

Bring on the Artisan Pickles: How Generation Z’s Preferences are Changing Campus Dining

By: Barry Telford

This is the third blog in an ongoing series examining how colleges and universities can understand and address the expectations of Generation Z college students. We’ll explore some of the most significant issues, including academic interests, housing expectations, ideological tendencies, dining preferences, and spending habits. The goal is to provide valuable insights that can help guide campus decision-makers in creating an environment that supports student success, well-being, satisfaction, and achievement. 


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