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Making Living Products is Second Nature at Our Glasgow Plant

By George Bandy Jr., Chief Sustainability Officer, Mohawk Industries

This article is sponsored by Mohawk Industries.

Mohawk Group, the commercial division of Mohawk Industries, now has more than 300 flooring products that have been certified by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) as having achieved the stringent requirements for Living Product Challenge Petal Certification. Because most of the products are carpet tile styles made in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley at our Glasgow facility, we saw it only fitting to refer to Glasgow as our first "Living Site."

VIDEO | Mohawk's George Bandy Jr. on the Social Side of Sustainability

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The chief of sustainability at Mohawk, George Bandy Jr., is excited to continue to expand its sustainability experience to its new acquisitions. He's proud of his sustainability team and the passion and diversity they've brought into their work, as well as the "social" side that's the humanity beyond the often measurements-driven day-to-day. And that's a value for the customers, he points out.

VIDEO | George Bandy, VP Sustainability Mohawk Group, on Marketing Strategy

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George Bandy, vice president of sustainability and commercial marketing for Mohawk Group, from Neocon 2018, discusses the company’s Merchandise Mart showroom, displaying the breadth of the company’s offerings and the connectivity among designs, biophilic design, market branding, and sustainability. Bandy also talks about changes taking place within the A&D community with the advent of millennials and the challenges they present. Also discussed is the company’s involvement in each flooring category and it’s marketing approach to provide all products for a given project.

The Quest for Handprints Over Footprints

by George Bandy, VP Sustainability

At one time, the world was focused on leaving a smaller  footprint on our planet; we were encouraged to change our lifestyles to take less from Mother Earth. Today companies such as Mohawk, dedicated to making business decisions rooted in corporate social responsibility, talk not just in terms of footprints but in terms of handprints — of giving back more than we take.

A Better Approach to Sustainability Is a Better Approach to Business

by George Bandy, Vice President of Sustainability, Mohawk Industries

Is sustainability really good for business? We at Mohawk have proven the answer is unequivocally yes. We have seen firsthand that being a leader in the flooring industry and being able to leave a handprint — or net positive impact — are not mutually exclusive.

How Social Sustainability Can Change the Industry

by Laura Rote

Diversifying the industry. “I was a sustainability officer in the early ’90s in Texas—I was in an oil state practicing sustainability. And I was the only African-American at Greenbuild at that time in regular attendance. [Rick Fedrizzi] said I was a rebel because at every meeting I would stand up and say, ‘Can we get more diversity?’ So now to be able to see that come full circle and see not just nationality-based diversity or diversity of talent and diversity of thought, but also diversity of people interacting.

Mohawk Sustainability VP Bandy Opens Greenbuild Plenary

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CALHOUN, Ga., November 14, 2017 /3BL Media/ —  George Bandy, vice president of sustainability for Mohawk Industries, heralded in the Greenbuild Plenary last week as the special session’s opening speaker. Bandy brought energy and inspiration to the main stage of the Boston Convention & Exposition Center, as he offered words on the compelling and unifying nature of the green building movement and talked about Mohawk’s own strides in sustainability.

Mohawk Believes in Better

The Sustainability Transformation of a Leading Flooring Company

Few companies can boast a commitment to pushing the envelope as long and enduring as Mohawk. For nearly 140 years, this leading flooring company, the world’s largest, has made transformation one of its top priorities. This willingness to look to the future for everything from design to cultural trends has allowed Mohawk to grow into a family of brands offering global customers more than 30 flooring options and hundreds of high quality, eco-friendly products—from residential carpet to commercial tile.

FCW’s GreenStep 2017

by Lauren Moore

[Dalton] Flooring manufacturers may compete in nearly every facet of business, but when it comes to sustainability, they’re on the same team. 

That was the theme at FCW’s ninth annual GreenStep awards event, held at the Dalton Country Club Sept. 13, where sustainability-minded leaders in the floor covering industry came together to be recognized for their efforts toward making a positive impact on the environment, the community, their customers and their employees.

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