4 Questions With Dr. Javier Cortes: The Importance of Scientific Exchange To Advance Breast Cancer


For Dr. Javier Cortes, being a breast cancer researcher isn’t just a profession – it’s a calling. As the head of the International Breast Cancer Center (IBCC) in Madrid and Barcelona, he has made it not only his life’s work but also his personal mission to help improve the lives of the people he treats every day.

Overcoming Blood Cancer With CAR T-cell Therapy: Eleonora's Journey

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In February 2019, Eleonora was preparing to go out with a friend when she suddenly fainted. She woke up in the hospital near her home in Italy and didn’t remember a thing. But she will never forget the news the doctors delivered to her.

“They did a CT scan and it lit up like a Christmas tree,” recalls Eleonora. “They found several large tumors and told me I had non-Hodgkin lymphoma.”

After losing her father to cancer a year earlier, she knew she had to overcome the cancer to spare her family any more pain. 

Gilead's Hackathon Unearths Innovative Ways To Improve HIV Prevention


When Pip Petersen heard the name of his team announced as the winner of Gilead’s Hacks for HIV Prevention contest, his jaw dropped open in surprise. Pip, a PhD student in physics at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, had been impressed with all the hackathon pitches, but it was his team’s idea that took home the top prize.

Ashley Innes Relishes Opportunity to Make Her Mark on HIV Epidemic in Southern U.S.


Ashley Innes
Regional Director
HIV Community Operations
Location: Dallas, TX
Joined Gilead: May 2016

In her role as Regional Director, HIV Community Operations, Ashley Innes leads a team of community liaisons who help provide education, resources and support to communities impacted by HIV in the Southern United States. Read more to discover how Ashley has been able to broaden her impact on the HIV epidemic while working in an environment where she feels comfortable being her full, authentic self.

Gilead Sciences is a Finalist for the PinkNews Awards in the Business Equality Category

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We’re honored to be to be a finalist for the PinkNews Awards in the Business Equality category. These UK-based awards recognize the contributions of businesses, individuals and organizations who help advance greater LGBTQ+ equality around the world – something we’re continually focused on.

We congratulate our fellow nominees, and we look forward to the ceremony in October.

Sara Tolaney on Gilead's Research Scholars Program and the Importance of Diversity in Medicine


Finding solutions to complex areas of unmet medical need is fundamental to Dr. Sara Tolaney, Chief of the Division of Breast Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Program Chair for Gilead’s Research Scholars Program (RSP) in solid tumors.

The Translatinx Network Helps a Resilient Community 'Live Its Truth'


When Cristina Herrera was 15 years old, she traveled alone from Southern California to the Bronx in pursuit of new life experiences. A native of El Salvador, Cristina thought as a teenager that she was different, but she was unsure about which terminology fully captured her identity.

“I knew that I wasn't gay,” explains Cristina. “But I couldn’t put into words as to who I was.” 

It was only through connecting with the trans Latinx community in New York that Cristina found herself – and came out as transgender.

Mom Celebrates Sons' Milestones: Julie's CAR T-cell Therapy Journey


Julie and her husband Bob were enjoying being empty nesters and getting ready to head on a beach vacation when Julie started feeling sick. A few weeks before the trip, Julie’s symptoms – a dry cough and shortness of breath – got worse, so she went to an urgent care center near their home in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania.

“I was initially diagnosed with walking pneumonia and went on the trip,” says Julie. “But when we got back, I knew something was going on longer than it should.”

At the Forefront of HIV Health and Healing in Spain: Ferran's Story


As the founder and director of BCN Checkpoint, a community HIV program geared toward gay men and transgender women in Barcelona, Ferran Pujol has helped provide hope to those living with HIV for nearly 30 years. But for Ferran, the healing he has brought to thousands of others began in a much darker place for him.

In 1986, he fell into a deep depression after both he and his partner, Michael, were diagnosed with HIV. With few effective treatments at the time, the news terrified him.

Opinion: Searching for the Next Generation of Sustainable Health Care

By Harald Nusser, head of global patient solutions at Gilead Sciences

Two decades ago, a global health crisis — the HIV/AIDS pandemic — spurred a wave of creative thinking in how health services and medicines should be delivered in areas with limited resources. Today, the COVID-19 crisis is bringing with it new waves of innovation in profoundly difficult circumstances.


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