Global Impact Week

Finding Connection Through Volunteerism at NetSuite

NetSuite employee Bret Crosby shares how volunteerism at NetSuite helped him forge connections

When Bret Crosby joined NetSuite as a Solutions Consultant last August, he did so as a remote employee based in Phoenix.

While many people envy the perceived freedom and flexibility that working from home offers, Crosby said it can also be isolating. When you work remotely, you naturally miss out on the opportunity get to know your coworkers and feel a sense of camaraderie.

A Look at NetSuite's Global Impact Week in Oklahoma City

NetSuite Employees Spend the Day at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma City

During NetSuite's first-ever Global Impact Week, more than 1,000 employees volunteered 3,200 hours with charities and local causes. The SuiteImpact Team in Oklahoma City spent the day sorting and packing food at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. In this video, volunteers share about their experience participating in Global Impact Week and what NetSuite's committment to giving back means to them. 

NetSuite Employees Volunteer More Than 3,100 Hours During Global Impact Week


NetSuite employees have helped to drive some tremendous results this year supporting initiatives like the Hackathon 4Good and the SuiteFit 4Good which took place at SuiteWorld 2015. Today, we have new milestones to add to that list: more than 800 volunteers around the world rolled up their sleeves to give back as part of NetSuite’s first-ever Global Impact Week, volunteering more than 3,100 hours.

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