Global Warming

Is It Already Over?


By: Carol Pierson-Holding

Last week I met a young man who is about to major in environmental engineering. When he found out I blog about climate change, his first question was, “Is it already over?”

Clearly he intended to be provocative. But it was an interesting question from someone about to enter the environmental field. He wanted to talk about solar arrays in space and space elevators. Both are ideas that would in part alter the sun’s radiation, preventing it from warming earth.

More Than a Getaway Compliment: Oceans Reduce CO2


On June 8th, we celebrate World Oceans Day. It is an important occasion for everyone because oceans create many of the elements we need to survive. Everything from seafood delicacies to medicine ingredients – it all comes from the deep blue. Similar to our forests, oceans are fundamental to all living things and they are endangered.  Rising temperatures and acidification threaten to change our oceans forever.

Oceans reduce CO2, create oxygen and more!

Engineers Have a Role to Play in Minimizing Climate Change


AECOM Impact blog

Michael Li, an environmentally sustainable development engineer based in Melbourne, Australia, explains why he strongly believes that engineers play a role in minimizing climate change.  ​

Climate Alert: Global CO2 Exceeds Critical 400PPM Level

Concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reaches dangerous record quantity.

FOR YEARS, CLIMATE SCIENTISTS have warned us that if the concentration of carbon dioxide, a harmful heat-trapping greenhouse gas, exceeds 400 parts per million (PPM) for a sustained period of time, we will likely face a vicious cycle of deteriorating climatic conditions leading to even more extreme global temperatures, greater weather instability, rising sea levels and other nature-based calamities. 

Creating an Action Agenda for Private-Sector Leadership on Climate Change


This year, 2015, is a pivotal one for climate change. Representatives of 196 governments are expected to conclude a new global agreement in Paris in December that substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions, mobilizes finance in support of low emissions development, and creates a pathway for long-term decarbonization. BSR is working to shape this emerging landscape and equip businesses to seize this window of opportunity through our Business in a Climate-Constrained World strategy.

Leipzig, London, Paris, Stockholm: Where Will You Be this Spring?

By Stéphanie Leblanc, Associate Director, Communications; and Melanie Janin, Managing Director, Communications, BSR

When it comes to climate, the spotlights are not waiting for the December COP21 talks to turn toward Paris. Last week, European mayors gathered in Paris to pledge joint action on climate, in May a coalition of international business networks will lead the Business and Climate Summit at UNESCO, and countless activities on climate are popping up every day in the City of Light.

Announcing the BSR Spring Forum Series 2015

A series of spring events throughout Europe dedicated to business action on climate.

Building on the convergence of efforts in 2015 for a new international climate agreement at the COP21 talks in Paris and the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, BSR is launching a series of spring events throughout Europe dedicated to business action on climate.

These events will gather the business community ahead of COP21 to drive leadership on climate.

Bloomberg QuickTake: Crude on the Rails

Trains versus Pipelines

By Tim Catts and Thomas Black | Updated Feb. 18, 2015


Mike Bloomberg: Five Reasons I'm Going to India

By Michael R. Bloomberg, Fmr. three-term mayor of New York City; Founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg LP

The writer is the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, and former mayor of New York City.

The last time I visited India was shortly before I was elected mayor of New York City in 2001. Now, as India's role on the global stage is rapidly growing, I'm going back. Here's why:


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