Farming for the Future at Frey Vineyards


by Katrina Frey co-founder of Frey Vineyards 

May of 2020 presents a lush green face at the Frey Vineyards ranch in Mendocino County in northern California. It is two and a half years since the devastating wildfires of October 2017 (read Katrina’s 2018 article – Out of the Ashes on GreenMoney website). One still sees the burned silhouettes of stately Ponderosa Pine at the top of the ridges but progressing up the slopes are shrubby masses of tan oak, madrones and oaks that are stump sprouting from their strong pre-fire crowns. Frey Vineyards owns one thousand acres of land.

Global Transition to Halophyte Agriculture

Fresh Water Saving, Salt Water Loving Plants

By Hazel Henderson

The Next Quarter Century’s Organic Marketplace: Insights from Stonyfield Farm's Gary Hirshberg


In 1977, during the heyday of the emerging “alternative energy” movement, I attended a solar greenhouse conference where I remember one of our little tribe’s pioneers opined about how much less exciting the solar “revolution” was going to be when it finally went mainstream. “I know what’s going to happen,” architect Steve Baer of Zomeworks pronounced – “solar collectors are going to be advertised in Sears newspaper inserts! I’m going to hate it but I’ll know we have arrived.”

Getting Our Hands Dirty: What's Next in Sustainable Agriculture

Why Investing in Sustainable Agriculture is Vital to our Health and our Wealth

Welcome to the new "Investing in Sustainable Agriculture” issue of the award-winning GreenMoney Journal. The issue feature numerous insightful articles on the current state of and the future of Agriculture. The four top articles are:

• Organic Economics In A World of Industrial Agriculture: Applying the Power of Nature 
by Harn Soper, founder of Sustainable Farm Partners

• Sustainability Through the Kitchen Window of a Coffee Farmer 
by Kenneth Lander, chief sustainability officer and co-founder of Thrive Farmers

Better Sorry Than Extinct?


By: Gary Lawrence
Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at AECOM

A reader’s response to my last opinion piece raised the paradox of taking action motivated by The Precautionary Principle or, in other words, taking action because we see the risks posed by inaction. The paradox that he correctly points out is that we can rarely foresee the new set of risks posed by the actions we take.

GreenMoney - The Special 100th Issue

Ten Noteworthy Articles

GreenMoney – Inside the Special 100th Issue

Inside the Fast Growing World of Slow Money

Founder Woody Tasch updates us & introduces the Beetcoin

By Woody Tasch, chairman & founder of Slow Money

Organic Dairy Farmer Albert Straus Speaks Out Against USDA’s Decision on GM Alfalfa

Straus Family Creamery President Says GM Alfalfa Could Ruin Organic Dairy Industry
Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Marshall, CA - February 4, 2011 - As an organic farmer, I protest the USDA’s recent decision to approve the unregulated planting of genetically modified alfalfa. This is a ruling that seriously jeopardizes the integrity of the organic food chain, and could cause irreparable harm to organic farmers by ruining our ability to supply organic dairy foods to customers. I believe that allowing genetically modified alfalfa to be planted deprives consumers of their right to be certain that they are feeding organic foods to their families.

EcoFarm Attendees Criticize USDA Decision to Allow GMO Alfalfa

Organic farmers and dairy producers voice concerns from national conference about potential bio-contamination

Ecological Farming Association responds to USDA ruling allowing GMO Alfalfa, voicing concern about the impact on sustainable agriculture.

Press Release

Ecological Farming Association responds to USDA ruling allowing GMO Alfalfa, voicing concern about the impact on sustainable agriculture.

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