Pursuing Transformational Innovation in Our Environmental Practices


Goldcorp’s recently published 2016 Sustainability Report reiterates our commitment to the protection of life, health and the environment for present and future generations. At every stage of the mining life cycle, we work to avoid, reduce or mitigate any negative environmental impacts.

Estimuladores Económicos, Incluso Después del Cierre de Marlin


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En esta entrega final de nuestro tributo de cuatro partes al legado de la mina Marlin, le echamos un vistazo a las oportunidades y beneficios económicos que se han creado como resultado de sus operaciones durante una década.

El Legado Educativo de la Mina Marlin Continua Multiplicándose, Incluso Después de la Clausura


En la tercera entrega de nuestro tributo de cuatro partes al legado de la mina Marlin, que cerró en mayo de 2017, nos enfocamos en los beneficios educativos que esta mina le ha proporcionado a las comunidades locales en la región de San Marcos en Guatemala.

Clement Pelletier: After Three Years, Looking Forward to a Sustainable Future


After over three years on our Board Sustainability Committee, one of them as the committee’s Chair, Clement Pelletier says, “Sustainability is all about legacy – what we leave behind after the mine closes. Whether that legacy is environmental, or whether it’s social or economic, we must always be aware that the land and the community will outlast the mine.”

Talking Sutainability Strategy and Governance with Dave Garofalo, President and CEO


Goldcorp’s 2016 Sustainability Report was recently published, reaffirming our dedication to our vision of Together, Creating Sustainable Value. Throughout the year, we adopted important optimization measures across the organization; our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering.

Economic Stimulators, Even After Marlin’s Closure


In this final installment of our four-part tribute to the legacy of Marlin mine, we take a look at the economic benefits and opportunities that have been created as a result of its decade long operations.

Marlin’s Educational Legacy Continues to Multiply, Even After Closure


In the third installment of our four part tribute to the legacy of Marlin mine, which ceased production in May 2017, we focus on the educational benefits this mine has brought to its local communities in the San Marcos region of Guatemala.

Inspiring A Generation – 2017 North American Indigenous Games


At Goldcorp, we take pride in the relationships and agreements that have been developed by working closely with local indigenous communities in the areas where we operate in Canada. We collaborate with our First Nations partners and community members to support entrepreneurship, increase indigenous employment and business opportunities, implement community initiatives and programs, and incorporate cultural and social practices and considerations into our mine planning and operations.

Marlin’s Socio-Economic Legacy Lives On


In the second installment of our four part tribute to the legacy of Marlin mine, we focus on the social benefits this mine has brought to the San Marcos region of Guatemala.

Goldcorp believes that local opportunities for community members near our mining operations should create benefits that extend beyond economic participation in mining activities.


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