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G&A's New Sustainable Training HQ Platform Offers Free Sample CSR Overview Module

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (07.27.2016)

G&A's new Sustainability Training HQ​ platform is offering a free sample module from it's introductory Certification in Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Strategies​ Course led by Dr. Nitish Singh, Associate Professor, Saint Louis University & Brendan Keating, VP IntegTree​.

“Shareholder Activism on Sustainability Issues” --New Harvard B-School Paper Will Further Inform Us on ESG “Materiality” & Impacts on Companies in Capital Markets

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (07.19.2016)

One of the most influential voices of the Harvard B-School faculty on corporate sustainability and sustainable investing trends is George Serafeim, the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration.  He has teamed with Calvert and other organizations to produce a substantial, impressive body of work related to “making the investment” and “making the business” cases for both corporate managers and boards, as well as for institutional and individual investors.

Top Story: Investors Should Drive Sustainability, SEC's White Says

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (07.14.2016)

Top Story

Investors Should Drive Sustainability, SEC's White Says
(Tuesday - July 05, 2016) 
Source: Bloomberg BNA - Investors should be doing more to drive companies’ sustainability efforts, because SEC-mandated disclosure by itself can’t provide what they seek, agency Chairman Mary Jo White said…


Sustainability in Focus

Corporate CEO Weighs In on Sustainability With Advice for His Peers, NGOs, Government

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (06.28.2016)

It’s good to hear from corporate CEOs on sustainability issues, and especially relevant when a CEO offers advice to his peers based on his own experience and values.  Mads Nipper, Group President & CEO of the Illinois-based Grundfus Pump Corporation, attended the UN Global Compact meeting in New York City and offered his perspective on the influential Huffington Post platform.

CSOs – CROs – On the Rise in Corporate America...Which Way is Forward in These Key Titles?

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (06.23.2016)

Sometimes the “chief” whatever is enduring (as in Chief Financial Officer/CFO) and sometimes the chief position is fleeting (Chief Strategy Officer was the rage in the 1980s).  We are heartened by the relatively rapid rise of the new chieftains in Corporate America – the “CSO” (Chief Sustainability Officer).  The duties and organizing principles for this office are still being worked out. 

Think Big & Bold - Think Grand Vision: Embrace Sustainability as "America’s Grand Strategy?"

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (06.16.2016)

Does the United States of America have a "grand strategy" in this second decade of the 21st Century?  Henry Luce, publisher of Time magazine, famously labeled the 20th Century "the American Century," in recognition of the nation’s leadership in world affairs, military power, economic & financial power, cultural dominance, and more.  So what is the definition for this new century and what should the nation’s "grand strategy" be (in practical terms)?

Doing Well by Doing Good – Novozymes’ Head of Sustainability Explains How and Why

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (06.09.2016)

One of the corporate sustainability journeys that we point out in our conversations with corporate managers is Novozymes, the Danish biotech company.  The “do well by doing good” global business enterprise has an interesting history and a rich legacy of addressing societal challenges.  Today, Novozymes leverages its technologies to address “challenges and solutions” in various industries and sectors (including energy, agriculture, pharma products, chemicals, and more). 

Three Takeaways From The 5th Annual GRI Conference in Amsterdam

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (05.26.2016)

On Wednesday, May 18th, GRI opened the first day of its 5th Global Conference titled “Empowering Sustainable Decisions”, in Amsterdam, welcoming 1,200 delegates from 77 countries.  Amsterdam is a beautiful city with old buildings, canals, bridges and more bikes than the eye can see!   Sustainability is built into the bricks and mortar that make up the city, and it’s evident everywhere from the lack of plastic, to the right of way for bikes, beautiful greenery, public transit system, and the community like feeling that you can sense among the citizens of the city.

GRI and RobecoSAM Look at “What Matters” to Investors and Companies in Sustainability Reporting

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (05.12.2016)

As the dialogue between company and investor base increasingly focuses on the materiality of corporate information, and the call for greater transparency – “what matters” to both corporate board and C-suite and the institutional investor base? 

Examining the Bloomberg Average ESG Disclosure Scores-- Higher For S&P 500® Companies That Disclose/Publish Sustainability Reports With Relevant ESG Data

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (05.03.2016)

At G&A Institute we continue to look at the S&P 500® universe of companies in two groups: those companies that have published in some form a sustainability, corporate responsibility, citizenship or some related titling to publicly disclose important data and narrative on their ESG strategies, actions, performance and achievements. And, a second group, those companies that do not disclose / report on ESG factors.


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