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New Type of Drywall Can Play a Role in Improving Indoor Air Quality

Specially formulated gypsum absorbs formaldehyde in the home.

The past few decades have seen an abundance of research tying all manner of health issues to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). While most typically think of industrial air pollution when they think of polluted air, the fact is that there are more negative health impacts from the air we breathe inside. Poor IAQ has been linked to headaches, fatigue, concentration problems, allergies, asthma and other issues. Homebuyers know this, and are making purchasing decisions based on interior health and safety.

Real Builders Respect Building Codes

In his first column for the newly launched CodeWatcher magazine, Green Builder Media founder Ron Jones talks about builders’ reactions to regulation.

If one were to listen only to the endless railings of the building industry voices against every form of regulation–but most especially any proposed increases in energy performance requirements and the attendant adoption of codes and standards that are developed to implement and enforce those enhancements–it might be easy to assume that the loud and stubborn opposition on the part of industry practitioners is universal.  My experience tells me that nothing could be further from the truth.

Green Builder® Media, Mayor Dyer, and City of Orlando Join Forces to Host Groundbreaking Thought Leadership Summit Focused on Intelligent Solutions for a Resilient World

Green Builder Media and Mayor Dyer hosting can’t miss thought leadership event on Jan 9 in Orlando to determine actions and policies for sustainable future. Register today!
Press Release

LAKE CITY, Colo., October 21, 2016 /3BL Media/ — Green Builder Media is partnering with Mayor Dyer (Vice-Chairman of the Council of Mayors’ Energy Committee) and the City of Orlando to host the Sustainability Symposium 2017: Ready for Anything on January 9, 2017 at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts in downtown Orlando.

This first-of-its-kind thought leadership event is focused on intelligent solutions for a resilient world

Climate News: A Trifecta of Global Agreements

It has been a good month for the climate, as countries from around the globe have signed three watershed climate change agreements.

Over the past few weeks, major steps have been taken to protect the environment and mitigate the effects of our changing climate.

Free Webinar: The Energy Rating Index (ERI): A Must-Know Code Compliance Path

This webinar will provide an overview of the ERI approach, how the use of renewables is integrated into this compliance path, and how the 2018 IECC will likely address the use of renewables in demonstrating compliance with the code.

The Energy Rating Index (ERI) in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code provides new code compliance flexibility and a streamlined platform for homes to get to net zero. The ERI, based on RESNET/ICC Standard 301, allows the code user to account for all energy used onsite and not just the energy used by the building envelope, heating and cooling system, water heating and lighting. This includes the use of on-site power production which typically means the use of solar electric (renewables) to offset the energy transmitted to the house from the grid.

Everything You Need to Know About the Energy Code

Energy Codes are becoming increasingly more complex as alternative compliance paths are developed, higher performance products are introduced into the market, and advanced testing and data collection practices are implemented.

How do building professionals navigate the evolving code landscape, and how do homeowners even know what questions to ask to ensure that their homes are efficient, resilient, safe, and healthy?

There is a growing awareness about the importance of codes—particularly energy codes—as climate change shifts from a theory to a harsh reality.  Codes have the ability not only to substantially decrease the amount of natural resources that our buildings consume, but also to enhance the resiliency, efficiency, durability, and safety of said structures.

Climate Change Makes Addressing U.S. Septic Failures More Urgent

From runaway algae blooms to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, household septic systems may be making matters worse.

CONCEIVED AS A LOW-COST, low-tech means of disposing toilet waste in rural communities without sewers, septic systems have become a leading cause of the toxic algae blooms. Like a rainbow cloak, algae blooms drape across lakes, bays and coastal shorelines on Cape Cod, Long Island, and small waterbodies in other states. As the top source of contamination for disease outbreaks from residential drinking water wells, septic systems also contribute to illness across the country.

On the Path to Net Zero

High-performance housing developments bring energy efficiency and new technology to communities around the country.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE HOUSING is no longer limited to just a few homes here and there. Enter the high-performance housing development market, in which entire communities are built as efficiently as possible. These master-planned communities are engineered for efficiency and high-performance from the ground up. This shift from the solo to the communal is driven by a variety of factors: building code, environmental issues such as climate change, materials manufacturers and government policy.

Housing Solutions for Rising Sea Levels

Climate change requires developers to get creative to protect buildings from flooding.

Climate change requires developers to get creative to protect buildings from flooding.

By 2050, the Union of Concerned Scientists expects sea levels to rise 6 to 16 inches above current averages. Many are already preparing for the rise. Following are four ways housing developers and communities can reduce the risk of flooding, despite rising levels.

Elevated Development

At Home With NBA Great Bill Walton - An EXCLUSIVE Solar Ebook

Bill Walton encourages us all: Power your house with solar for all the practical reasons—and for all the right reasons.
Press Release

October 11, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Read the riveting story about Bill Walton’s comeback from catastrophic spine collapse to become an unabashed solar evangelist.

“When I was lying on that floor with my spine problem, I asked myself: ‘If you ever get better and get off this floor, what are you going to do with rest of your life?’”

What he did was become one of the most authentic voices in the solar industry, encouraging consumers to join the growing trend of homeowners reaping the abundant advantages of powering their homes with solar panels.


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