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Breaking News: Green Builder Media Launches New CodeWatcher Title

Green Builder Media is constantly exploring new frontiers, including changing codes that require homes to be more efficient, healthier, and durable. To that end, we just launched CodeWatcher offering essential information about code changes.

As Green Builder Media enters our second decade, we reflect on all of the changes that have transpired in both the building industry and our company.  It all started in 2006 with the launch of Green Builder magazine—a trade publication that we hoped would affect positive change by offering enlightened content for progressive readers.

New Homeowner's Guide: Energy Smart, Healthy Home

This invaluable free Ebook for homeowners and builders is brought to you by NV Energy
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Homeowners no longer need to worry that they don't understand what a green home is with this easy-to-navigate green building and renovation guide. It features tips, technology, products, and professional advice for both current and would-be homeowners. 
Special sections include detailed drawings and product information on: 
  • exteriors
  • roofing
  • structure
  • insulation
  • air quality
  • windows
  • heating and cooling
  • appliances
  • faucets and fixtures
  • finishes
  • cabinets and tops

The Anatomy of Zero Energy in the Arc House

The Arc House runs on the sun—but, first, a number of strategies come together to reduce energy demand.

At 432 square feet, The Arc House naturally has lower energy demand than a larger one, especially when it comes to space heating and cooling. An energy-efficient envelope, efficient appliances and smart home technology reduce The Arc House’s energy demand even further. 

Envelope Strategies

The unique construction of The Arc House posed some challenges for insulating and finishing the structure. A hybrid system consisting of polyisocyanurate and closed-cell spray foam insulation was the perfect solution for the home’s irregular shape.

New Publication: CodeWatcher Debuts!

Check out the debut issue of CodeWatcher: A watchdog for evolving residential building codes, regs, and rules.
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October 6, 2016 /3BL Media/ - The editors at Green Builder Media launched Code Watcher to pull back the curtain on the building code process to help builders put up the best-performing, safest homes in the world. We spearhead the notion that home owners must be educated on the regulatory actions that profoundly impact the safety, durability, performance, and financial worth of their homes.

Historic Artificial Intelligence Announcement

Some of the most powerful and intelligent companies in the world—Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft—announced a watershed partnership to oversee the development of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Metadata has become the Holy Grail for technology companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google.  By tracking our every click, purchase, query, and preference, they have collected invaluable market intelligence and priceless knowledge about consumer preferences, psychographics, and purchasing patterns.   With this metadata, these large technology companies can not only predict where the market is heading, but, like Apple with the iPhone, how to create new markets that never before existed.

Andersen Partners with Yellowstone National Park to Push Past Net Zero

The window manufacturer has become part of a high profile project that includes cradle-to-cradle design and net positive energy production.

Of all the benefits millions of visitors experience at our National Parks, the living lesson of our symbiotic relationship with the planet is perhaps the most significant.

Green Builder Media's September/October 2016 Digital Issue is Now Available

Testing Tradition

Testing Tradition

This year's building science issue takes a closer look at envelopes, insulation and multi-zone heating and cooling. Learn which products and assembly details most impact overall energy performance.

Here's a sample of what's inside:

"We cannot go down the path of having homes that use very little energy, but are not healthy or safe to live in. We have to do both, and we need tools that let people know they are doing the right thing, so they can try out different approaches."

Code Alert: 8 Must-Know Requirements in the Energy Code

Code expert Jim Meyers will offer insight into the most pressing and important requirements in the changing energy code, including key amendments and field findings.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016
2:00 Eastern

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016
2:00 Eastern

Developing Tools to Measure IAQ

We know high-performance buildings can lead to problems with IAQ, so researchers are working on ways to solve the issues.

A better building envelope and improved ventilation systems are important first steps in improving the problem. But without knowing exactly how good or bad air quality inside a home actually is, these problems can’t be measured. That’s why the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is working to develop an IAQ scoring tool.  

The scorer will function much like a HERS score. It will take a series of measurements conducted by a third party to determine the home’s IAQ rating.

Definitive Advice from the Industry’s Best on Selling and Marketing Green Homes

Green Builder Media hosted a webinar on selling and marketing green homes with CR Herro of Meritage Homes. CR gave compelling advice and unique insights into how to turn green building into a brilliant business opportunity.

Builders haven’t historically been known for their marketing savvy, and many green builders have told us over the years that they have struggled with communicating the benefits of their advanced offerings to homebuyers. Recently, production builders like Meritage Homes and KB Home have changed the game, marrying cost-effective, high performance, resource efficient, solar-powered homes and sophisticated marketing strategies.


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