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Smart Security Can Also Boost Efficiency

Let your clients know that new IOT-enabled security systems can double as energy watchdogs.

These days, security systems can do more than just signal when an intruder enters a building. Today’s security systems can be integrated into other home systems to provide energy savings.

“When thinking about using an alarm system, we often think about the system only being used for burglar alarm capabilities,” says Tom Mechler, applications design manager for Bosch. “However, while these systems are monitoring doors or windows, why not use their capabilities for other things?” 

Passive Capture of Solar Energy is a Design Priority

The passive capture of the solar energy for home heat should be the central organizing principle when designing a new home.

ONE OF THE KEY POINTS I drive home to students in my passive solar design classes at the Evergreen Institute is to design new homes and businesses around the Sun. Put another way, the passive capture of the solar energy for home heat should be the central organizing principle when designing a new home.

Biological Graywater System Pre-Treats with Plants and Clay Balls

The innovative system purifies household water to the point where mechanical filters don't have to work as hard.

Research underway at Hunt Utilities Group (HUG) in Pine River, MN, is demonstrating the benefits of natural treatment of graywater. The system, installed in the home of Paul Hunt, founder of HUG and its headquarters, The Resilient Living Campus in Pine River, MN,—shows what's possible if a passive solar space is dedicated completely to graywater management.

The End of Fossil Fuel Use Will Involve a Complex Mix of Renewables

Although many would like to see a 100 percent solar transition, a less "painful" path will likely involve biomass, wind and other renewable technologies for many years to come.

Although solar electricity and wind energy are growing by leaps and bounds, they only provide a tiny fraction of today’s electrical demand. As global supplies of fossil fuel resources decline and as concern over global climate change increases, however, solar electric systems could become a major source of electricity, along with wind and a host of other renewable energy technologies. But is there enough solar energy to produce enough electricity to meet our needs?

Vertical Farming Offers Solutions to Food Scarcity in Singapore

A visit to wealthy Singapore shows what's possible when resources are focused on what really matters.

Back in May I was invited to Singapore to tour schools, IT hubs, hospitals and startups. The size of the country, as well as their government structure, allows them move towards their objectives more quickly than other countries. What I witnessed during my visit was a nation determined to be seen as a leader in the technology sector and to be recognized as a nucleus for some of the top innovators in the world.One aspect of the trip that really resonated with me was the country's use of vertical farming and other cutting edge agricultural techniques.

Everything You Need to Know About Selling & Marketing Green Homes

The green building market is constantly evolving. It’s not enough to know how to build green, successful builders, realtors, and professionals also need to know how to communicate the added value to homebuyers.
Press Release

In this webinar, CR Herro, an executive at a national top 10 builder and leader in home innovation, will discuss the reasons, best practices, and lessons learned over the last decade in building, marketing, and selling homes built above code for energy efficiency, durability, health, and comfort.  Through understanding value from a buyer’s perspective, CR will make a case for leveraging better building practices to improve total business performance.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
2:00 pm Eastern

Are You Going to Solar Power International in Las Vegas This Month?

Visit the Arc House, Booth SL43 in the Smart Energy Microgrid Pavilion
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September 1, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Green Builder Media, Solar Energy Trade Shows, and Jinko Solar invite you to an exclusive media event to view the Arc House, a revolutionary dwelling concept that exemplifies next-generation living.

The hand-crafted Arc House is a 100% solar-powered tiny home that combines the economy and simplicity of efficient living with cutting edge building science.  The Arc House is smart, self-sufficient, and ready for anything!

Floods and Fires: The Reality of our Nation’s Future

The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events and other natural disasters make a clear case for resilient building.

Last week, ominous skies in California’s parched San Bernardino Mountains looked more like the Apocalypse than a typical sunny August afternoon.  Smoke, soot, and ash from the vicious Pilot and Blue Cut fires shrouded the valley, causing residents to flee their homes and schools and businesses to close.

The How and Why of Consumer Uptake of Residential Solar Systems

A new study examines the how and why of consumer uptake of residential solar photovoltaic or solar thermal (hot water) systems.

Courtesy of our sister publication, Solar Gain, this article examines consumer attitudes towards residential solar systems.

Arc House: The Case for Compact, Affordable Housing

New concepts such as the 400-sq.-ft. Arc House demonstrate a viable option for moving renters into starter homes.

Today, more than ever, we need housing solutions that respond to changing demographics and economic realities, while at the same time reducing the environmental footprint of the housing industry. With The Arc House, Shelter Dynamics and Green Builder® Media are demonstrating the possibilities of future housing and steering the market on a more sustainable course.

But to understand where we are heading, we need to take a look at where we are.

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