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Protect Your Home During a Wildfire

The catastrophe in Canada has lead many homeowners to take fire resistance measures.

THE WILDFIRES THAT destroyed more than 2,400 buildings around Fort McMurray, Canada, continued to burn into June, prompting global help to fight the fires and aid displaced residents.

Rio Raises the Bar on Climate Action

With the goal of redefining the global zeitgeist, Rio tackles the issue of climate change head-on at opening ceremony for the 2016 Olympics.

In some ways, it’s ironic that Rio tackled climate change head-on during its colorful opening ceremony for the 2016 Olympic Games.  While riddled with massive environmental challenges, the Brazilians decided to take a stand for climate action in a way that larger countries with more to lose (yes, like the U.S.) might never have done.

Six Tips to Deal with Water Damage

Remove water properly to avoid mold and improve air quality.

WHETHER DUE TO A massive flood or just a leaky pipe, water in unwanted places can cause a lot of damage—and maybe more damage than you might think. Of course it can destroy items in a building; but it also can lead to mold growth and compromised air quality.

To get rid of mold, it’s important to remove all water and dry out the affected area quickly and thoroughly. Then, disinfect the area and remove or clean all items that are conducive to mold growth.

Pros and Cons of Earthen Masonry Heating Systems

As an alternative to straight up passive solar design, super-efficient masonry heaters may make sense.

For the past decade, I've been focused on sustainable heating in the home. Average North American households use 30-70% of energy for heating and cooling. This is a direct cost of maintaining our lifestyles, both in dollars spent and impacts on communities and global resources.

In this context, the “greenest” way to heat and cool a home would be:

- Life-on-earth friendly: healthy, non-toxic, renewable

- Efficient: minimize wasted resources, pollution, and time and money

- Useful: effective, physically comfortable, and affordable

Green Builder Media Announces 2016 Eco-Leaders

Each year, the Green Builder Media editorial team selects a handful of Eco Leaders, companies that are paving the way to a sustainable future with innovative products and forward-thinking business practices, and highlights them in Green Builder magazine.

Green Builder Media’s selected Eco Leaders are setting an example for other companies to follow, reducing their environmental footprint and improving the lives of a wide range of people through the development of enabling technologies, the advancement of the circular economy, the practice of resource conservation, and the continued reduction of carbon emissions. These visionary companies utilize renewable energy, extend the life cycle of their products, maintain a sustainable supply chain, and give back to their communities.

Green Builder Media Releases Annual Eco-Leaders List

Green Builder’s “Eco-Leaders” are best in class and have sustainability down pat, but to remain winners in the minds of building pros, they will have to keep things simple, easy, and refrain from demanding “share of attention.”
Press Release

August 4, 2016 /3BL Media/ - The 11 companies saluted by the editors of Green Builder magazine in the 2016 Eco-Leaders report provide exceptional examples of creative solutions that help limit a company’s environmental impact. These companies are, among other things, inventing new ways to manufacture products using renewable energy, designing homes that are net-zero for water and waste; reducing waste by finding new applications that benefit other industries, and creating products that use energy more efficiently.

Introducing the Arc House

Living large in 432 square feet of master-crafted comfort.

GREEN BUILDER MEDIA and Shelter Dynamics have teamed up to introduce the Arc House, the latest in Green Builder Media’s forward-thinking VISION House series. This innovative “tiny home” integrates many facets of sustainability into one compelling, compact package, taking the concept to the next level with its unique form, craftsmanship and functionality.

Will You Vote for the Environment?

When it comes to the environment, this election may go a long way toward determining the fate of humans on this planet.

The last time a major political party nominated a Clinton for President, the world was very different.  Free trade, domestic crime, deficit reduction, and welfare reform were the critical issues then, and climate was all but ignored (only mentioned twice in the Democratic party’s 1996 platform). 

Today, climate is one of the hottest, and certainly most contentious, topics in our national political debate, and it illustrates one of the sharpest contrasts between the Democratic and Republican parties.

Green Builder Magazine's July/August 2016 Digital Issue is Now Available

Cooling the Climate

Cooling the Climate

Can greener business practices and smarter living slow our global nose dive toward climate disaster? Our annual Eco-Leaders issue looks at companies and ideas addressing what may be the toughest challenge in human history.

Here's a sample of what's inside:

Why Tougher Homes Won't Be Built

Future homeowners will remain at risk from weather extremes if NAHB continues to block proposals at the 2016 Fall ICC code hearings.

Bloomberg writer Christopher Flavelle, in his behind-the-scenes look at the machinations of updating America’s building codes, found out why only 6 percent of the proposals to strengthen building codes made it through the April committee ICC code hearings intact: The NAHB “enjoys far more influence” on the committees that recommend changes to the 2015 ICC codes. While the ICC members all get a vote on the code changes, they tend to follow committee recommendations.


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