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Businesses Support Clean Power Plan

Many businesses praise the EPA’s first rule limiting carbon pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently finalized its Clean Power Plan. Under the plan, carbon emissions will be reduced 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. The Clean Power Plan marks the first official rule limiting carbon pollution. It specifically targets fossil fuel power plants, which are the top source of carbon pollution—resulting in one-third of U.S. emissions.

Smart Tech Takes Over, Bolstered by Record Investments

Smart, clean technologies have taken the market by storm, promising to change our built environment and grid infrastructure forever. Commanding over $430 million in venture capital in just the second quarter of 2016 alone, it has already been a banner ye

If there was any skepticism remaining about the market viability of smart technology, battery storage, or energy efficiency, it was all but eradicated in the second quarter. 

Earlier this week, Marcom Capital Group released a report on funding activity for Smart Grid, Battery/Storage, and Energy Efficiency sectors for 2Q16.  According to the report, Smart Grid and Battery/Storage investments both doubled:

Improvements in Faucet Technology Make Up for Water-Wasting Behavior

A faucet can only conserve so much water. But careful monitoring of human behavior has given companies like Delta key insights into how to reduce the amount of water wasted in both the kitchen and bath.

Faucet makers sometimes have a tough time coming up with a new sustainability story. In recent years, faucet flow has shrunk to what many believed might be as low as it could go. But the combination of some good R&D, and borrowing technology from commercial applications, has tightened the water use belt once again.

Smart, Solar, and Tiny

Green Builder Media has partnered with specialty modular builder Shelter Dynamics to take the beautiful, smart + solar, net-zero, and resilient Arc House on tour this summer. We warmly invite you to join us as we redefine next-generation living!

Last month, Green Builder Media announced our partnership with Shelter Dynamics to take the specialty modular builder’s iconic Arc House, a prototype factory-built 432 square foot residence, on tour.

We’re happy to report that we had a terrific showing at PCBC in San Francisco.  With loads of attention and nonstop traffic, the Arc House was a featured attraction at the show. 

Carbon Smart Straw Bale Structural Insulated Panels

Building Energy Efficient and Carbon Smart with Prefab Straw Bale

GREEN BUILDERS WHO ARE motivated to reduce carbon emissions tend to focus on increasing energy efficiency to reduce the overall carbon emissions of a building over its lifespan. This is certainly a worthy goal, but in its pursuit, we often use materials that actually contribute to greater immediate carbon emissions.

Tesla’s Takeover: Creating the First Integrated Energy Company

Is Tesla's recently submitted offer to purchase SolarCity, valued at $2.8 billion, a grand plan to create an integrated energy company, or a last-ditch attempt to save an empire deeply in debt?

Two weeks ago, virtuoso entrepreneur Elon Musk surprised the business world yet again with Tesla’s bid to purchase SolarCity.  Since Tesla is the world’s most successful electric vehicle company and SolarCity is the nation’s largest residential solar company, it should come as no surprise that the projected market cap for the combined company exceeds $1 trillion. 

North America to Generate 50% of Its Energy from Clean Sources by 2025

Climate partnership commits three countries to producing half of their power from wind, solar, hydropower, nuclear, and clean coal.

Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau and Enrique Peña Nieto met this week in Ottawa to sign an agreement that will increase the three countries’ production of clean energy from 37% to 50% by 2025.  The agreement will allow clean energy sales across borders and connect the countries’ energy grids. 

Alliance Urges Builders to Help Prevent Asthma with Proper Home Seal

America’s consumers, businesses and builders are urged to assist in the prevention of asthma and asthma related attacks through the use of responsible building materials and reduction of fossil fuel consumption in homes and commercial buildings.

The SPFA, a building materials association, is urging American consumers and builders to assist in asthma prevention through the use of responsible insulation materials.

With 26 million Americans affected (including more than 7 million children) with the chronic condition, the alliance seeks to educate all on real impact quality building materials can have on prevention.

Fire Resistance Big Asset in Insulation

As this video graphically illustrates, insulation slows fire spread.

Roxul, a producer of stone wool insulation made from natural stone and recycled slag, hosted a press tour of its Memphis, Tenn., insulation plant in May. Watching the manufacturing process involved in turning rock into insulation was fascinating, and I was impressed with the company’s efforts to reduce waste and mitigate pollution. (Next month’s issue of Green Builder magazine will talk about the company’s environmental initiatives, so stay tuned.) But by far the highlight of the day was a demonstration of the fire resistant quality of Roxul insulation.

Alliance Urges Builders to Help Prevent Asthma With Proper Home Seal

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A New Front Opens in the Code Battles The confrontation over resilient construction practices is just a continuation of the age-old battle between those who search for ways to maximize short term profits versus those who choose to deliver lasting value.


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