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A New Front Opens in the Code Battles

The confrontation over resilient construction practices is just a continuation of the age-old battle between those who search for ways to maximize short term profits versus those who choose to deliver lasting value.

Another battlefront is taking shape on the already crowded fields of conflict that define the relationship between the regulatory sector and the homebuilding industry.  This is in no way intended to suggest that the ongoing battles around energy codes, proposed fire sprinkler mandates, storm water management, wetlands designations, silica rules, endangered species, updated overtime compensation requirements, and a host of others have been resolved, or that they have even been quieted significantly.  We simply have another brewing fight to add to the list…the call for more resilient building

The Arc House: Next-Generation Sustainable Living

Green Builder Media has partnered with specialty modular builder Shelter Dynamics to take the beautiful, smart + solar, net-zero, and resilient Arc House on tour this summer, debuting at PCBC this week in San Francisco.

Green Builder Media has a decade-long history of investigating the most topical issues of our time.  If you’re a regular reader of our content, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve focused a lot of attention lately on the evolution of the smart home, the convergence of smart and solar technologies, resilient housing, and sustainable design.  

Green Builder® Media Partners with Shelter Dynamics to Showcase the Arc House, an Intelligent, Net Zero Tiny Home

The Arc House, part of Green Builder® Media’s VISION House® Series, represents an excellent example of resilient, autonomous housing that can be located in any kind of urban, suburban, or rural setting.
Press Release

LAKE CITY, Colo., June 15, 2016 /3BL Media/ — Green Builder Media recently announced a partnership with specialty modular builder Shelter Dynamics to bring a prototype tiny home called the Arc House to PCBC (June at the Moscone Center in San Fran), Solar Power International (September at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Vegas), and Greenbuild (October at the Los Angeles Convention Center in LA), with the goal of exposing conference attendees to the uniquely designed, hand-crafted structure that

Proposed Emergency Funding Increase in Preparation for Fire Season

As the American West braces for another extreme fire season, Senate attempts to clear the way for recovery funding.

Proliferating drought and climate change have parched large portions of the continent, dramatically increasing the risk of wildfire.  The 2016 fire season is expected to be even worse than 2015, during which nearly 7 million acres burned in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  

What Makes a Home Resilient

What are some of the steps you can take to make your home more Resilient?
Multimedia with summary

As resilient housing continues to be a hot topic, many homeowners ask what they can do to improve their home. 

In this infograph we cover some of the areas that can be looked at to improve your home's durability. Whether it's the structural elements, renewable energy, stormwater planning or the right roofing materials, you can use this as a starting point for creating a more resilient home for your family.

No More Excuses

Builders need to take responsibility for their own standards of quality and performance.

These days, the bulk of communication and commentary emanating from the predictable homebuilding industry sources, as well as the trade media that pander to those same organizations, appears reflective of a well-choreographed, strategic campaign to rally anyone who will listen to take up arms against the evils of regulation.

Mid-Rise Wood Frame Construction Projects Receive Development Grants

Architects and builders are looking to wood as a sustainable alternative for mid-rise construction.

THE COUNTY'S FIRST mid-rise wood frame construction projects will soon be going up, one on each coast. These buildings will rely on mass timber construction, a category that includes engineered beams, or glulams, and the less familiar cross-laminated timber panels.

The Small Wind Turbines You’ll Want in Your Back Yard

A EC plan wants to see 20% penetration of wind energy by 2020: small turbines could help meet this target.

Opponents to wind turbines often claim that the noise and vibrations from the turbines affect their health, leading to sleep disturbance, headaches and a host of other problems. But is this backed up by evidence or a good example of the nocebo effect?

Insulation Alternative: Hempcrete

Creating locally sourced lime and clay binders for use in hempcrete.

Hempcrete (a mix of chopped hemp hurd and a lime-based binder) is a relative newcomer to the North American insulation market, and most of the R&D and testing work to date has been done in Europe using proprietary formulations from the companies that pioneered the material for commercial use.

The Future of Smart Homes

Smart home technologies have the potential to revolutionize the homeowner experience by connecting our devices with all of our heating & cooling, security, appliances, irrigation, water, lighting, and entertainment systems.

The technology, admittedly, still has some glitches (I’ve read some horror stories lately about smart home hubs turning on fire alarms at 3am or turning off power entirely in homes.) But the kinks are soon to be a thing of the past, especially as tech giants Google, Amazon and Apple jockey to dominate the space with voice-enabled technology that combines machine learning and online search functionality to allow users to get information, manage tasks, and control a wide spectrum of smart products. This sophisticated voice enabled technology offers true connectivity, as it can


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