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Giving Green a Voice at the Table

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(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) May 23, 2011 - Frankly, the idea of a Green officer in the company is relatively new and ill-defined so far.  The concept, however, is fairly simple.  The Green officer is the appointed, in-house  liaison for an environmental program for a business.  This person often wears more than one hat and may not be fully prepared to fulfill the duties of this important office.  A little training is the recommended next step for your Green officer.

The Green Business League Opens A Chapter In Los Angeles


What has been missing in the success of Green business development?  While there are many possible answers to the question, I feel that most answers a too niched, overly complex, and just too expensive.  It doesn’t take much to discourage people when it comes to making changes to achieve a Green business status.

Exciting Green Career for 2011 Job Market


The Green Business League is building the most impressive Green Consultant and auditing force in the country with international offices growing as well. Most experts admit that the Green program has not yet caught fire, but is showing signs of becoming a mainstay of American business. More than a decade of Green rhetoric and token efforts is no longer good enough. More and more companies are asking, “Are you Green certified?” (And they don’t mean did you buy a Green logo off the Internet). By the way, no one should accept flimsy un-audited certifications anyway.

Great Opportunities for a Green Career

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(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) March 17, 2011 - The Green Business League has come out with a new and unique assessment and marketing software that is exploding in the Business world.  Many companies are trying to figure out how they can become sustainable.  One reason that companies are “Going Green” is because of rising energy prices.  Other companies see Green compliance as a marketing strategy to create a positive public image.  Like most companies, they have no idea what Green is or how to achieve a credible certification.  The Green Business League has made it easy to develop a Green busine

So, What is Green IT Anyway?


The truth is no one really has a handle on Green IT, but we know that it is out there hiding…somewhere.  The problem is that the techies are trying to make it “technical” by talking about more efficient programming, servers and cloud technology.  For the real world, it need not be that complex.  Let me give you a rundown of some Green IT applications:

Little Cracks in Your Sustainability Plan


If you add up all the small cracks, crevices, and holes in your building; the result would startle more homeowners or business owners.  No building is airtight.  In fact, most HVAC systems actually bring in a small portion of fresh air each day.  That is necessary because the occupants are breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.  If CO2 builds up, people will become sleepy, nauseous, or literally faint.  However, there is the right way and the wrong way to bring in fresh air.  The wrong way is will all owner or renters more and more as fuel prices go up.

Bogus Green Business Certification

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(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) March 7, 2011 - Imagine buying a car that had no quality control or eating food at a restaurant that bribed the inspector to leave them alone.  No one wants to get into an airplane that has not been inspected by a trained professional from time to time.  This is the case for 90% of the Green business certifications on the market.  The public wants to know that a Green business has done more than design their own logo with a graphics program or bought a certification sight-unseen from an Internet vendor.

Get a Green Job Grant for a Green Career


Several months ago, we reported a grant was made available to encourage the development of Green jobs.  A block of money was allocated to first time students of the Certified Green Consultant program.  We are pleased that this has helped many, but those funds will likely be used over the next couple of months.

The Rising Green Job Movement In Chicago, IL

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) February 14, 2011 - Let's be honest.  We know that the environmental issue is a growing tsunami of global threat.  We also know that most people have only a minimal knowledge of what to do.  Governments are pushing this agenda strongly, as world population has more than doubled and will soon triple from the 1950's era.  Limited resources and increased demand means that change must happen.


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