Is Your Esg Mutual Fund or ETF Really “Green” – More Disclosure May Be Coming

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (6.15.2022)

What is it about an investable product – a mutual fund, an exchange traded fund (ETF) –that would qualify it as an “ESG,” “green” or “sustainable” investment offering to retail or institutional investors? That’s a question getting much more attention recently.

Collaboration on Sustainability Reporting by GRI and ISSB

Global Reporting Initiative and the International Sustainability Standards Board begin work on MOU
Press Release

Technical representatives from GRI and the International Sustainability Standards Board begin work on delivering the agreed MOU.

EU Sustainability Reporting Standards - Deeper Alignment With GRI Required

Draft European Reporting Requirements Mapped to the GRI Standards
Press Release

Following the publication of the exposure drafts of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) in April – hailed by GRI as a necessary step to achieving the EU Green Deal – an analysis of the ESRS against the widely used GRI Standards is now available.

The GRI Perspective: Lobbying, Influence and Accountability

Global Reporting Initiative calls for transparency on lobbying to ensure companies uphold their sustainability commitments
Press Release

June 16, 2022 /3BL Media/ - From net-zero emissions to fair pay, climate change mitigation to diversity, commitments to sustainability by organizations are on the rise. Yet what is the role of lobbying, in influencing the policies and rules that ultimately ensure whether such pledges are met?

Pushback Against ESG - What About the SEC Draft Rule?

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (6.01.2022)

No regulatory agency’s draft rule to address important issues can be expected to sail through and be warmly welcomed by all involved stakeholders. In March, the Securities and Exchange Commission released its draft rule for corporations to disclose climate-related information such as Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG). Some pushback by opponents of the rule is expected.

Corporations Are Taking Steps To Address Climate Change Challenges

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (5.15.2022)

Remember the revisions to The Business Roundtable Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation (a mission statement) back in August 2019? The CEOs of the top 200 companies in the U.S. redefined “purpose” away from the 1997 statement that focused on “shareholder primacy” to a 21st Century focus on “all stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders.”

A Sustainable Future Requires Business Action for the SDGs

GRI podcasts outline how companies can contribute towards a better quality of life for all
Press Release

May 16, 2022 /3BL Media/ -International experts in sustainable development shed light on strategies for building greener and better cities and communities, as well as changing business models to help raise the standard of living – in the latest podcasts from GRI.

CFOs: Time To Step Up as Sustainability Leaders

By Hendri Yulius Wijaya, GRI Country Manager for Indonesia

Amid the increased prominence of sustainability in policymaking and legislation, there is a huge opportunity for Chief Finance Officers to take the lead in corporate accountability.

Investors Lead Demand for Businesses to Disclose Human Rights Impacts

Global Reporting Initiative highlights why human rights is central to sustainability reporting
Press Release

May 9, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Stakeholder demands are reaffirming that disclosure on human rights related impacts are central to how companies demonstrate accountability. This is a key conclusion of the new edition of The GRI Perspective, the regular series exploring topical themes in the world of sustainability reporting.

Fitch Incorporates Low-Carbon Transition Risks Into Credit Scores

G&A's Sustainability Highlights (5.01.2022)

Fitch Ratings, one of the “big three” credit risk rating agencies, is busy identifying “sector exposures to low-carbon transition risks,” with recently-assigned scores reflecting the rating agency’s view of the potential impact of climate change risk on creditworthiness on key sectors.


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