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AECOM's Richard Hope, chief technical officer, water, Americas, shares his experience providing clean water in Guatemala.

For many, it is hard to understand not having access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Unfortunately, this is a reality for 780 million people in the world today. The statistics are truly frightening:

Spécial no 3 Pour la Rentrée: Investir dans l’avenir en Amérique du Sud


Avec ce dernier volet de notre série en trois parties sur l’éducation, nous vous emmenons dans nos régions d’Amérique du Sud et d’Amérique centrale, où notre stratégie est d’engager le dialogue avec les collectivités locales afin de cerner les besoins et d’établir des objectifs précis pour y répondre. En collaborant avec des organismes locaux, nous souhaitons soutenir le développement de compétences locales et contribuer à l’essor socioéconomique de la région.

Goldcorp's Commitment to Security and Human Rights Training

Equipping Our People on Security and Human Rights
At Goldcorp, we are committed to integrating respect for human rights into our business management processes throughout the company. 
In an effort to strengthen our commitment to respect human rights and in line with the implementation of the Conflict-Free Gold Standard in 2013, we recognized that it would be imperative to offer training and support across our sites. One key aspect of the training offered to personnel was on human rights – particularly on best practices in human rights and security.

Goldcorp is Providing Lifelong Learning for Employees

At Goldcorp, we recognize the value of empowering our employees through continuous education. One special program developed with this in mind is the literacy program at Marlin in Guatemala. The training was the result of a project for the Supervisory Leadership Development Program (SLDP). In 2010, Oziel Orozco, an SLDP student, saw the opportunity to create a program that would fulfill a need in a country where the literacy rate for adults is 76%. This kicked off Marlin’s literacy program, which now provides training in reading and writing to employees from the local communities.

Enactus Students Help Mayan Girls Get Scholarships

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Craft or career, what do you see?

An Enactus team in the USA saw a way to help distribute over 200 scholarships to Mayan girls. By assisting Mayan weavers, they were able to match production with demand and help sell over $30,000 of product. Find out more at #seeopportunity

U.S. Senator Tom Carper Visits Children International’s Mariscal Community Center in Guatemala

Senator Carper and USAID Staff Meet With Youth Participating in the “A Ganar” Program Which Utilizes Soccer to Develop Life Skills
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U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) visited Children International’s Mariscal community center, which serves some of the most vulnerable marginal communities in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He was accompanied by USAID’s Democracy & Governance Office (DGO) staff. USAID’s DGO implements a citizen security portfolio aimed to achieve “Greater Security and Justice for Citizens,” and among other things, USAID works in Guatemala to build awareness about the causes of violence and crime and to promote community-led violence prevention approaches focusing on youth development.


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