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HFAB Spotlight: Medxcel (Ascension Health)


HPRC starts a new blog series profiling members of our Healthcare Facility Advisory Board (HFAB). This blog is a profile of Lois Sechrist, Environmental Stewardship Manager at Medxcel.

Read about what Lois does, what Medxcel believes in, and what they aspire to in their recycling and sustainability initiatives.

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Creative Cooperation: An In-Depth Look at the Innovative Dartmouth-Hitchcock Recycling Program


The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH has a strong commitment to recycling. It needed an outlet for recycling its blue wrap, but was not generating sufficient quantity for this to be appealing on its own.

Driving Circular Economy Solutions in Healthcare Plastics


HPRC Europe and Aarhus University Hospital recently hosted a workshop in Denmark focused on enabling circular economy solutions related to healthcare plastics and packaging.

Stanford Pilot Study Lessons Learned

Re: Plastics Recycling in a Clinical Setting

Stanford Healthcare partnered with the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council in the Summer of 2012 to conduct a pilot study on plastics recycling in the clinical setting.

Materials Testing: Focus on Healthcare Film Recycling


One of the biggest challenges of recycling healthcare plastics is finding viable reuse applications for the recycled material.

Design Guidance: Best Practices for Recyclable Packaging


Because increasing healthcare plastics means considering all parts of the value chain, HPRC has developed a guidance document for manufacturers that articulates design considerations which enhance the recycling potential and value of the final product or packaging.

This guide is intended for product designers and users of disposable medical devices and will enable increased design and use for recyclability. The guidelines may also be of use for waste haulers and recyclers interested in recycling this waste stream.

Be Part of the Solution: Join the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

We've saved you a seat at the table
Press Release

If your organization recycles plastics or manufactures healthcare products or packaging materials and you want to be on the front lines of the emerging Circular Economy, HPRC wants to talk to you! Work with industry-leading peers and develop real-world tools and projects to explore various approaches to healthcare plastics recycling across the full value chain. 

How to Effectively Communicate Your Hospital Recycling Program's Successes and Lessons Learned


Communication is vital in sharing your successes and challenges, and in keeping key stakeholders engaged in your hospital’s plastics recycling program. In developing a communication plan, consider what information you want to convey, the target audience(s,) both internal and external, and the call to action you want to move people to take, if there is one. These issues are discussed further at the HPRC website.

Hospital Recycling Training Tools and Templates


Providing adequate training is vital to the successful implementation of a healthcare plastics recycling program. Specifically, providing context and instruction will help ensure that staff clearly understand what materials are and are not part of the program and how the program will be managed. To help streamline things, HPRC has developed two customizable templates to serve as a guide for organizations in need of training support for their staff. 

Find these templates at the HPRC website.

How to Select a Hospital Plastics Recycling Strategy


Choosing how to structure your hospital plastics recycling program is an important decision that can have dramatic ramifications on your outcome. In this post, we walk you through three proven approaches to help you determine what's right for your hospital.

Read the full guide on the HPRC website.


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