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Medtronic Mobile Lab Trucks Expand Access to Healthcare Tech

The fleet just doubled to reach more clinicians with healthcare technology education

Is it a semi-truck, a moving billboard, or a classroom on wheels? The Medtronic Mobile Lab trucks are all three, and one or more may be coming to a city near you.

The trucks are built to simulate an operating room — and we just doubled our fleet to reach more clinicians with healthcare technology education.

With the expansion of Mobile Labs’ fleet from three to six trucks, we will go from training 2,000 healthcare providers (HCPs) a year on how to use our technologies to more than 5,000 in 38 states across the United States.

Medtronic LABS' Road to Reimagining Global Healthcare

From grassroots effort to over 40,000 lives improved – and growing

It all started with a question, posed by former Medtronic Chairman and CEO Omar Ishrak. What if we could address the health issues of people in underserved communities around the world?

The idea for Medtronic LABS was born.

Today, LABS is an independent Medtronic-funded nonprofit organization that accelerates healthcare access for underserved communities around the world through technology.

But back in 2012, when Ishrak first posed his pivotal question, no one could have predicted what LABS would become.

Tech Unlocks Global Access to Healthcare

Why women hold the key

Jane Muthoni has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was 6 years old, but she didn’t know how to manage it until her second pregnancy. It’s one reason she made it her life’s work to educate others living with the disease.

As the Patient Engagement Lead for Medtronic LABSi in Kenya, she runs support groups in rural communities. She also trains a critical group of people — community health workers (CHWs), nearly all of whom are women.

A Former Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge Winner Modifies Its Technology to Help COVID-19 Patients

Multimedia with summary

Neopenda is a social enterprise startup that is passionate about improving newborn health through innovative technology solutions. Neopenda won the Cisco Global Problem Solver Prize at the 2016 Rice Business Plan Competition for the development of a low-cost, wearable sensor that improves the care of newborns in resource-constrained hospitals. neoGuard continuously monitors newborns’ critical vital signs and alerts attending health care professionals when a baby is in distress.

Innovation Partnership to Revolutionize Support Service Fulfillment

By: Richard Tam

This blog originally appeared on

I am pleased to report that Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi2) has just entered into a new innovation partnership with Sodexo, our current supplier of comprehensive non-clinical support services.

Four Ways to Measure Technology’s Do-Good Impact

The right technology can solve sustainability challenges. Just look beneath the surface.

David Korngold | BSR 

From smart home technology that helps decrease energy use to fitness trackers that encourage healthier lifestyles, most of us sense that technology has the potential to drive significant positive sustainability impacts across sectors.

The challenge, however, is to go beyond a general sense of these positive impacts to more deeply understand, demonstrate and drive sustainability benefits from technology.

Lives over Landfills

Destined for the trash heap, unused, unopened and quality medical supplies could prevent millions of deaths.

Charles Redding | MedShare                                                  

Nearly 6 million children died last year before their fifth birthday. Around the globe, that’s 16,000 kids per day, 700 per hour and 11 per minute. Tragically, more than half of these early child deaths could have been prevented with access to simple, affordable medical care, according to the World Health Organization.

Verizon Launches Mobile Telehealth Clinics in Miami

The Verizon Foundation and Children's Health Fund are collaborating to bring mobile telehealth clinics to several cities, starting in Miami.

by Brian T. Horowitz

The Verizon Foundation and the Children's Health Fund have launched an initiative to bring mobile telehealth clinics throughout the United States, beginning with a project involving the University of Miami.

The Power of Technology Can Transform Healthcare and Save Lives.


By: Kathryn C. Brown, Senior vice president of Public Policy Development and Corporate Responsibility, Verizon

Cloud Links Doctors in Developing World to Specialists in the U.S.


May 30, 2013

By: Joel Schectman, Wall Street Journal Reporter

Swinfen Charitable Trust, a non-profit service that helps U.S. doctors offer medical advice to rural doctors in the developing world, plans to use the cloud to expand its services in countries such as India and the Philippines.


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