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Investing in Children's Nutrition: How You Can Make a Difference

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation supports over 200,000 children

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation’s Casa Program supports nonprofit organizations that leverage local initiatives and partner with existing charities to provide healthy meals and nutrition education to children and families around the world. Although a pandemic, these partners showed incredible resilience to continue their work during these times of uncertainty. Through their partners’ hard work and the support of their committed distributors, this year they were able to serve 219,455 children in over 161 Casas Herbalife Nutrition across 57 countries around the world.

21 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy, Active and Entertained

The Herbalife Nutrition provides healthy and positive ways to keep your kids engaged

Kids have a lot of energy, and sometimes it can be hard for parents to come up with original ideas on how to make the most out of it when children are at home. Here are some tips from Jenny Perez, Executive Director of the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation on how to keep kids occupied in a positive way.

Herbalife Nutrition Australia Receives the DSA's Giver: Industry Heart Award

Herbalife Nutrition Australia Recognized by Direct Selling Australia

Herbalife Nutrition Australia received The Giver: Industry Heart Award at the Direct Selling Australia’s 2020 Industry Awards event. This is the highest award presented by Direct Selling Australia (DSA), the country’s leading representative body for direct selling.

How The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation Provides Nutrition to Kids During Uncertain Times

During the global pandemic, nonprofits are adjusting to continue to support those in need

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, child nutrition and feeding programs around the world are facing challenges they had never encountered before. How can we continue to support children and families in need during this pandemic?

Honoring Everyday Real-Life Heroes on World Humanitarian Day


During these unprecedented times, access to good nutrition has been a challenge and the need is greater than ever. The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation has continued their work by providing nourishment, care, and education to children around the world. As well as, Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors have continued to serve and support their customers, essential Herbalife Nutrition employees have kept manufacturing facilities and distribution centers running while adhering to health and safety guidelines.

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